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    Sophia is an absolute treat. She welcomed me with a warm hug, in a translucent robe, sexy white lingerie underneath. She started twerking and bouncing her ass on me after a couple of minutes, and boy can she twerk! Her entire body is as smooth as butter, and a delight to lick and suck. We did a lot of doggy, as we were enjoying the most in that - against the sofa, in front of the mirror, on the bed, and she rode me on the couch and on her bed. All while sexy hip-hop music running in the background, giving us a rhythm. She later wore a thong at my request and I fucked her with the thong moved to the side. We had a deal for 3 hours, but we had to stop after 2 hours, because it was getting too much for both of us. We also drank some whiskey and smoked some weed together. She also fed me chocolate I had brought for her. Her blowjob skills are phenomenal, and her mouth can suck your dick as tightly as her beautiful pussy.

    Sophia is a complete entertainer and a delight. You don't need kinks and fetishes to enjoy her. It was a very enjoyable experience, and I plan to be a regular client of hers. The money is totally worth it! All stars for you babe!

    Hey handsome thanks so much for the review I also enjoyed your company . miss you so much hope to see you soon babe .

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