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  • Deleted profile (Dont me)

    10 Feb 2023

    the wait is over … lol
    are you sure that u miss universe philippines lol
    seriously? do you think you're going to scam clients here?

    Rose Marie MR
    Poor performance, She doesn't even allow kissing. Not even worth half of what I paid. She arrived nice but once she got the money she wanted to rush her service. We agreed for 2 shots in 2 hours she only did once and leave afterwards. Very cheap Bad Service.

    Thats the answer old stinky pussy

  • Deleted profile (Destiny Madrid)

    9 Feb 2023

    hey scammer are these your real photos lol or another fake again lol don’t even try lol

    Are you having fun commenting on every other post of every other girl on this page? Lol was wondering how the trans like you are so jealous to have newcomers signing on to this page. Are you threatened?

    You know who I am talking about right? You are the only trans here and I know your page. Be ware I might hold your old picture sir E. πŸ˜‰

  • Deleted profile (Sophia your bj queen)

    31 Jan 2023

    hey scammer … seriously lol do you think that you are smarter than everyone lol
    you're breaking site rules by creating two profiles
    this is a fraud and i already reported it lol

    Lol.. how sure that I am scammer.. I didn't know u... I posted 2 accounts coz I thought my post is not visible.. before u tell me scammer, meet me first before posting here.. I'm not that kind of person who scam other people.. I am here to earn and make a man satisfied