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  • Verified photosI wanna eat your lolipop - escort in Muscat
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Simply she born to be professional escort !
    I had with her 2 sessions and more coming,,, it’s really well worth the amount u ’ll pay
    The hotel room she’s booking is awesome huge and very clean.
    She will open the door with very sexy dress and give u warm welcome kiss u ‘ll get erection once u r smelling her sexy perfume , and having incredible conversation and offering me drinks unexpected, during your conversation with her u will forget everything even ur name , she knows how and where to touch u to drive u to crazy before the war starts. Killer in the bed with all her feelings she’s taking you to another world, I won’t go in details u should try it because no words to explain what’s happened!!! And she’s not clock watcher at alllllll she’s doing it with her feelings that’s why she’s not looking to the time just making you come, she’s enjoying each second .
    U should have once in your life the porn star experience totally different than gf or wife, highly recommend this killer girl
    Can’t wait for our next meeting

    Oh I didnt know it's you 😘You should review me long time ago darlin 👅 Nice to hear from you that you had a lot of fun.I Know I'm not everyones cup of tea but I'm happy to pleasure everyone who wanna try my services.Next time we do role-play when your my First class Passenger and I'm your private Stewardess.with lots of teasing and oral 😋👅🍼I move now back to studio.its no longer big where we can play every corner in my room.🤪😈 and sorry that I didn't rim you but maybe next time🤪🍫Have a good day darling xxxxx

  • Verified photosSway Naughty Playful Tounge ! - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 1 / 5

    First of all you should book a hotel somewhere because she’s not doing in call. Secondly because she’s Looking for money not quality so she’s offering cheap prices
    So she offered me very cheap price and I booked the hotel , when I reached the hotel and I’m checking where’s she!!! she said I’m not interested because someone offered her higher price !!!!
    Not recommended at all ! Wasting of your time and your money
    Last thing, if u chat with her all what’s mentioning in her profile she’s not following ufff even write this review is wasting my time , but I care about other guys to be fooled like me unfortunately but I learned I will never believe Filipina

    Excuse Me??? Firstly would like to say I never give low price dude. And secondly I am a woman with one word. I never confirmed to have a meeting with out fulfilling the deal. All I can say is If i felt danger or uncomfortable to the person I would never commit for a meeting. I know u are just tripping cos u are upset on me cos I declined your offer (but we never agree to meet up ) and this is the only way you can take revenge on me .You are really a Sport guy CONGRATULATIONS dude I think your are Happy Enough now upon Fabricating or Creating Stories about me. Enjoy all your LIES baby. Be Happy !!!! And take note we Filipinoes are the Best ok? Jolibee Happy 😀😀😀😀😀😘😘😘😘Love you baby.....Smile 😁😁😁😁😘😘😘😘
    Anyhow thank you for contacting me and found me interresting .

  • Verified photosJamila - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    since I entered she’s very friendly and great welcoming, she smell amazing with her sexy dress and amazing big yummy boobs you never saw it before
    The session with her more than amazing u will do with her something u never try it with your gf or wife, you should try and don’t miss this great lady

  • Verified photosMistress Wella in - dominatrix in Zürich
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I met mistress Cruella and Ann yesterday and first time I lost my virginity with her in professional way, it was simply Wowwww experience. She is so hot yet adorable. Perfect killer in the bed. I won't go in details but she provided 10 stars service. A GFE with a port star way, simply amazing. I will definitely see her again. And moreover she is also amazing to talk with.
    Even if you have girlfriend or wife, mistress Curella is totally different she will do with you things u never expect you will feel it
    The amount you will pay it’s really valuable even she deserve more

  • Deleted profile (Dana new BBC video)

    Rating: 2 / 5

    Actually I got super interested after I read what she wrote about herself in her profile regarding her experience , And her reviews and the way she’s responding made me more and more interested.
    Furthermore, I decided to have an amazing sex experience with professional girl like her, and I contacted with her by WhatsApp only unfortunately the way she’s responding it’s make me change my mind 100% and give me the sign to don’t waste my money with her, “ she’s responding very short answer without any feeling, they way she’s talking nose up , she didn’t make u feel comfortable talking with her , without greeting or simple answers to make me feel comfortable with her “
    Maybe because still she didn’t meet me yet and she didn’t know me personally , or a lot of guys wasting her time so she became sharp , but in this way other they didn’t feel comfortable to deal with u
    Others they way they are talking me stop everything I’m doing and go meet her immediately.
    What’s the point to and have sex with lady nose up , how we will enjoy
    Now I have doubts regarding the reviews you have it !!!

    Nose up hehehehe, Of course I'm not.
    Imagine u should to reply 50 to 70 message every day
    I take time chatting with my clients who I have met before but new clients I don't waste time and energy texting on whatsapp, because most of guys who is texting me asking for pictures or want me to talk dirty so they can jerk off, my dear of course I don't mean to disrespect you but this is the only way I can save my time and energy..
    That's why I don't send pictures on whatsapp how many times I'll send daily and some guys say no take photo now doing this or this grrr 😡seriously 😒
    Thanks for the review to tell all my future clients this is my way in talking on whatsapp till we meet and I won't change my way

    I opened the WhatsApp found ton of messages then decided to continue my break 😂 not ready yet...

Latest questions by Amroosh

  • Deleted profile (Dana new BBC video)

    20 Feb 2019

    Hi Dude,
    The number mentioned in your profile is not working, I wanna book session with you this Friday?

    I'm not available currently dear

  • Deleted profile (Dana new BBC video)

    15 Feb 2019

    Good morning
    Are u ok selling your used panty ?

    No dear sorry
    I have good memories in them 🤣

  • Deleted profile (Dana new BBC video)

    6 Feb 2019

    I prefer to discuss by email , if that would be possible can you give me your email address please ?

    No let's discuss in public 😂
    Ask here and I'll reply

  • Deleted profile (Dana new BBC video)

    6 Feb 2019

    Good evening!
    Are you offering role play mother in professionally way ?
    Where do find your enjoyment and you feel you are very professional on it ? If your enjoyment same as mine that’s mean we will unforgettable hours 😊

    Why don't you text me on whatsapp to discuss

  • Deleted profile (Dana new BBC video)

    6 Feb 2019

    How much for videos
    And how much for pictures
    And how we will be able to pay ?

    I don't sell videos and pictures anymore