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  • Verified photosMorgan from Slovenia Okinawa Tour Now - companion in Okinawa Island
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    My wife and I are fairly open and kinky when it comes sex, and we were hosting a friend of ours who was in from out of town, he said that while he was feeling a bit randy he wasn’t in interested in going to the clubs and pubs. This led to the idea of escorts, and my wife said she’d always been wondering about that sort of thing as well (she enjoys the company of women as well). Suddenly we were putting our money together and excitedly searching for the hottest busty woman we could find on an escort site. It was the best sort of window shopping! After explaining the situation to the booker, we all got dressed a bit nicer and went to the hotel. Soon there was a knock on the door and a beautiful brunette with a sexy dress showing off an amazing body walked in. Morgan was lovely to talk to, about sex and anything else, and we were immediately very comfortable. The four of us shared a bottle of wine and soon we were all sitting on the bed, eager to get started. It was great watching my wife make out with our new friend, and as all our clothes quickly came off, it was a great to suck on her large breasts beside my friend. Soon the ladies were giving us amazing oral, going back and forth quickly so we could ‘compare’. While it was very exciting seeing my friend and Morgan have sex while I did the same with my wife right beside them, it was even better when we switch partner). We tried a lot of different positions, sometimes all four of us, sometimes broken into pairs, and sometimes one of just needed a breather for a moment. Morgan was perfect, being sexy and positive the whole time, making sure all of us were getting the most amount of pleasure. Eventually we were all worn out and satisfied, and lay on the bed together before taking a shower to clean each other off. The evening was awesome! I had a wild foursome with this sexy woman who is eager to please, all thanks to Morgan. Definitely worth for money and I highly recommend her!

    you guys were very hot and I really enjoyed your company! thanks for the review:)