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  • Verified photosClassy & Naughty Dutch masseuse MILF - masseuse in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Overall, my experience with Sophie was simply exceptional…from her subtle screening to coordinating our booking to our conversations to a magical massage to exhilarating oral skills…and more!

    Directions were clear and concise, and Sophie was a great verbal “moving map” on my phone for the final steps in the procession to her door. Her apartment is fantastic and in a wonderfully upscale location.

    Sophie was elegant, gracious, witty, and genuinely comfortable to converse with. An array of beverages was available while we chatted and relaxed. We smoothly transitioned to the bedroom. Her massage had an amazing flow to it! It began gently, awakening the senses. It strengthened as muscles were attended to sensually, with appropriate and increasing pressure, rhythmically, and with continual contact. It concluded with more sweeping touches, leaving my muscles relaxed and rejuvenated. It was the perfect “Part 1” for the intimacy to follow, which was yet ANOTHER seamless transition! Sophie’s touch was phenomenal, she was silky smooth, and she possesses glorious curves…surpassed only by her rousing oral skills and her overall sensual, caring self.

    A little respect goes a long way. A lot of respect goes…even further. Ha! My fortunate time with Sophie was both enriching and truly erotic.