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  • Verified photosIvana Big Ass In Abu Dhabi - escort in Abu Dhabi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I have been chatting with this chick for sometime now and finally decided to meet her and went to her hotel last week. Upon arrival she was wearing as request nice lingerie. She made me feel relax and we had a chat about the services we wanted to try.
    Her blowjob skills are amazing, the tongue rolls around your dick like she licks an icecream. her ass is amazing and gives you the best view from the back. After sometime we feel more connected and tried anal. First it didn't really fit and we almost stopped but with the help of lube it was better. She enjoyed it as much as i did. Finally she let me finish on her face. I will surely return for the blowjob and anal skills.

    What???? anal???? lier!!! never ever in my life!!! cum on face?? never ever !!! what a lie u talk about!? lier!! omg ! big lier!!!!

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  • Madame Toska - dominatrix in Paris
    14 Feb 2024

    Hello do you offer sex services as well ?

    Hello, no I do not offer sex services. My sessions exclude practices like intercourse and all forms of oral sex.

  • Verified photosDomina M with Private Dungeon - dominatrix in Paris
    14 Feb 2024

    Hello i see your profile is inactive since 2017. Are you still in paris ?

    I have been based in Paris since 2017. Please take some time on my revamped website--there is a free video vault to get better acquainted with my domination style.