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  • Verified photos️YUTIKA FOR U ONLY REAL MEET - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    its been a while have met her couple of times she is very sweet and fun well spoken and from a nice family . lets connect and plan something soon with whatsapp you on your number 😄

  • Verified photosSABRINA ur ANAL angel and rimming lover - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 2 / 5

    i met sabrina a few days back had fixed a time and date with her before hand at 11pm everything was fixed before hand when i reached the hotel she made me wait for almost 45 minutes at the lobby . When she called me upstairs she was waiting in a hot lingerine for me she is hot and same as her pictures. we had fixed X amount for 1 hour and 2shots.

    The room was a mess but the bed was clean and tidy . she asked for her donation and then she directly got to business there was no foreplay or GFE . she started with a BJ and we fucked hard . this is when things went south after i was done the first time she started acting that she is tired and most of her clients can't do it the second time 2 out of 100 can and she had only one condom etc etc . then she gets busy on the phone and then puts a timer for 10 minutes very Escorty like and NOT GFE.

    After much convincing somehow she found a second condom but till then i was so putoff that she could not get me excited even with her half hearted BJ . This was over in less than 20 minutes . She was eager to get me out of the room and i was very put off with that . I would never go back to her .

    she is very beautiful and sexy but this kind of behaviour put me off and there are other girls with much better service . 2 stars are only for her looks

    First and foremost, thank you for writing me your extensive experience when you were with me. I highly appreciate that you adore my looks. I regard your review as a learning experience. But let me point out some things. The two shots that we agreed were as per the time frame that we previously compromised. It took you time to be aroused again. Remember that I was flirty and even responsive as you wanted a GFE. I did what you expected me to do. As per the usage of my phone, it was not long time. I would like to apologize with the behavior but checking my phone for few minutes as I got the chance to keep myself updated with my family due to the global crisis. It was not my intention to insult your time when I held my phone. Lastly, as my client, and even you regard not to meet me in the future, I still and will admire your kindness. You let me feel what a truest gentleman. I was clueless that after our encounter, you felt the opposite. I am really an open-minded person and very flexible. If you were more honest and expressive to what you have thought that time, we could have transcended something a wonderful experience. And in my deepest heart, my apologies for making you wait. I know that time is valuable. Again, thank you for your time. I am still looking forward to meeting you and rectify whatever inconvenience that has caused you.

  • Verified photos🦋 LAST DAY W/ 3SOME🦋 - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 3 / 5

    I met Patritia on friday she looks hot and the pictures are 100% real, she is very nice and clean and the room was also clean unfortunately she was stying at a very small hotel with may be 10 rooms in total and i was a little scared as there were 10 men standing outside it with books .

    She was very courteous and nice. But was a little preoccupied on the phone between our session and also had a cold may be coz of the cigarette smell at the hotel. She was very sorry about it and must have said sorry a 100 times and promised to make up for it next time but i did not enjoy my experience as the reviews promise a GFE i would love to give her a 2nd chance .

    Waiting to meet you at a better hotel as You promised and give you a 5 plus star rating for our next GFE encounter .

    P.S i also forgot to mention i had reached 15 mins late for my meeting. and the 3 stars is foe your looks and courteous behaviour.

    Thank you for your review,!from the beginning i told you everything what’s on my side,first about my hotel!i told you im staying in small budget hotel at the moment and u are ok with that and i feel safe also even a small hotel may yiu just miss understood those people you see outside my hotel!! 2nd i told u i have coughed thats why I can’t kiss you deeply coz I don’t wanted to transfer it toyou and i feel bad if it’s happen, so I didn’t kiss you so -deep and i say sorry to you many times,,i ask you? If you don’t enjoy with are sessions why you still go with another session?!if you really don’t enjoy with you should leav me when we done the first session rigth!?3rd about my phone i told you i love music and im always play music when im doing my session i just happened the music stop may be with slow wifi so i took my phone and exit it the only thing is u didn’t tell you so you missed understood again!,but honestly i just hold my phone 10 seconds only and never focus on it!! So i hope you need to be fair enough with your reviews cos i really did my best to make u happy and full fill your fantasy even I’m in that situation dear and you know to your self before we make a deal im honest to you,,, Anyway as you said ilwe will meet again!So im looking forward to see u again in five star hotel and no colds at all,,,thank you to your review God Bless

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