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  • Rachel Newbie in Colombo - escort in Colombo
    23 Apr 2024

    Hey are you available in SL?

    Yes ill be in SL until 20th May only. Can meet only during weekdays with prior appointments made via whatsapp msg. Working hours are 11am to 6pm only.

  • Verified photosRoshani - escort in Colombo
    5 Jun 2021

    Still available ??

    Yes 💚 call me

  • Verified photosModelling Sasha - escort in Colombo
    30 May 2021

    Hey do you still available ??

    Yes I'm available 10am to 7pm on all 07days

  • Verified photosRoshani - escort in Colombo
    28 May 2021

    Is the place a hotel, spa or appartement ??
    Does parking available ??

    Can you wear a saree ??

    Its a hotel . Plz call me i ll tell you all 💚

  • Deleted profile (Lovely Couple)

    31 May 2021

    You guys still available ??

    yes we are available, call us through WhatsApp

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