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  • Verified photosMorgan from Slovenia Okinawa Tour Now - companion in Okinawa Island
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Met Morgan on the 28th of November after contacting her a few days earlier.
    We met in a very comfortable, clean and safe place.
    Morgan greeted me in a sexy red dress that I asked her to wear before arriving.
    Now, I'm inside her apartment, she looks sexy af, she greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the lips, asked if the temperature outside was too hot.
    Immediately I could that her personality was great, she was kind, sweet with a touch of innocence, she asked me if I wanted some water to which I replied "yes", I asked to use her bathroom to clean up and I when I came out, we went inside her bedroom which was quite spacious and it was clean and tidy, no weird smells or anything, just a well maintained room.
    Once we were inside all nice and comfortable, She asked If I could give her the money before we begin, to which I gave the cash and she undressed me, we both proceeded to her bed, made out for a while and then she took off her bra to reveal her sexy tits, something I love, so without second thought I touched and sucked them for a few seconds, then she proceeded to give my a great, nice sloppy blowjob and she deepthroated it from time to time.
    Then I asked her if I could eat her out to which she agreed, and I did. Ate her out for a couple minutes. She was really clean down there, shaven and odorless, It was a pleasant experience, also I forgot to mention, she smelled really nice, very fruity.
    After me eating her out she sucked me off again and then we proceeded to do the deed, both in missionary and doggy, After switching positions for a couple of times,  But there was 20 minutes left, so I wanted more, I wanted to cum again, so I asked her to suck me off again, to which she did (No questions asked), She gave me another sloppy blowjob with deepthroat, but I was too tired to get hard so I asked her if she could sit on my face while I jerked off, lo behold eating her pussy got me so hard because she came, once I was done eating her out she removed her pussy from my face and decided to give me a nice handjob with lube, it was so good that my legs were shaking from the sensation, after a couple of minutes I came again, she's such a tease because she ended up stroking after I came, which was hot and too sensational. This concluded our one hour session and I must say it was well worth it.
    She gave me a glass of water, a cute little hug and a kiss on the lips before I left.
    Overall it was a great experience, she's a great person from the little time I got to know her, her place is clean, its fully air-conditioned, its calm and comfy, her bed is nice.
    She performs great, she has a very upbeat attitude, just like I like, she enjoys every moment, no rush.
    So I highly recommend her to anyone who's looking for escorts in Okinawa, on this site, Sorry for the extremely long detailed review, but I guess someone had to do it, and I wish her the best and hope this review can help her in some way.

    i enjoyed your company and thanks for the gift:)

  • Verified photosPornstar Yumi CREAMPIE OK - escort in Tokyo
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Yumi is awesomely good, and friendly. Photos are real, and she’s got a great personality, eager to please and provides the best service! Can’t wait to see her again!