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  • Verified photosAlisha...I'm independent - escort in Kochi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I contacted Alisha because she didn't ask for an advance or a video call before a real meet. I have had bad experiences with both. She was a delight to chat to and we quickly made plans to meet.

    She booked the hotel and sent me the room number to check in into and get comfortable. It was super convenient and discreet.

    When she arrived a few minutes later, I couldn't believe how cute and sexy she is. The photos here are great but she is hotter in person.

    We kissed and made out for a bit before we undressed. Her naked body is just 🤤😍❤️‍🔥. I had only booked a short appointment and I instantly regretted that. We just had one session which was heavenly but I'd like to explore more, all night long.

    Will definitely see her again and would recommend her over anyone else in Kochi.

    Thank you very much dear🥰❤️‍🔥

  • Verified photosRay rimming and deepthroat goddess - escort in Chennai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    She's extremely pretty, bright and really juicy. The time I spent with her was worth it. Easy to talk to and a champion in bed.

    She has a long and skillful tongue and she opens you up when rimming and reaches places I didn't know were pleasurable.

    She has a very soft body and supple skin and an absolute snack. I loved eating her in every way and she came all over my face which I loved.

    Will meet her again and again.

    Heey babes ❤️❤️twas nice having you love and i want to meet you again and again and again hope to see you soon you're such a sweet and warm soul to have around not forgetting how you made me have a crazy orgasm 💦💦

  • Verified photosKareena - Transsexual escort in Pune
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Contacted this gorgeous babe for a video session. She's stunning. Had a great time and came really hard since hadn't had any action in months. Too bad she's not available for a real meet at the moment but look forward to when she becomes available.

    Thank you gorgeous.

  • Verified photosSakshi - Transsexual escort in Kanpur
    Rating: 5 / 5

    This is extremely late, sorry love! I met Sakshi a year ago when I was in Ahmedabad. She was my first transgirl and I was blown away by how hot she is. She looks a bit better than the photos - extremely pretty and extremely feminine.

    She greeted me with a really sweet smile, was welcoming and was wearing a cute nightsuit. We kissed for a good while and she has really soft and juicy lips. I undressed her with a bit of nervousness but she had such nice firm boobs that I molested to my heart's content. She was extremely clean and her abs were yummy. I spent some time on her belly button too.

    What did surprise me was her sweet smelling, rock hard, large and beautiful cock. Hers was the first cock I sucked and I loved every moment of it. She returned the favour, gave me my first proper blowjob and by then I was so turned on that I came quickly. I did disappoint her because once I had come, all the sexual tension and energy that had built up was gone.

    So, I asked if I could chill for a bit and we chatted for a while. She was extremely polite, well-spoken and a genuinely decent woman. I still can't get over how pretty and hot she is. You'll not be disappointed.

    I will happily meet her again and take care of all the unfinished business if she ever turns up in Pune or I end up in Ahmedabad. Lots of love and a long kiss for your lips, nipples, belly and your cock!

    Thanku dear so sweet ur always welcome 😘