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  • Verified photosHARDEST COCK-BIGGEST CUM, HOTTEST ANDREA - Transsexual escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I have met Andrea yesterday...
    I’ve seen her two times already and wanted for more. She's always friendly over the phone. Her english is exceptional and she can hold a conversation. A real cutey, very petite, very dominant sexy looking around 5ft with a nice smile. I think she looks better in the flesh than her photos, its hard to see how seductive she actually looks online. Personally not bothered by breast and Andrea aren't much going on, but her ass is wonderful and feels nice to touch. Her makeup is always good and dressed in something nice to get you in the mood.

    Everytime I've seen Andrea it's been a real treat. She's very passionatte and seems to love sex. First time we met, I came to her apartment me and got me to relax, offered me a drink and then had me take my clothes off and lay face down on the bed. She got out the lotion and gave me a nice massage, better than a lot of ts who just rub your back, actually seems to know how to give a decent massage. Andrea has started our meetings with a massage each time and it's never seemed to effect the time I stay. Have never feel disappointed to pay her more than her an hour rate cause she deserves it!

    After the massage Andrea usually turns me round gets on top and we start dfk. Her skins real smooth and she is a very passionate kisser, so this is always fantastic running my hands over her body while our tounges are entwined. This will usually be when she starts taking her clothes off, seeing that hot bum and cock always gets me that bit more horny. She's not overly big with her dick being around the 6/7 inch mark.

    Andrea’s blowjob is always magnificent, she likes to start rubbing her hard cock against yours while kissing, before moving down and giving a nice sloppy blowjob (owo). She'll get it in deep amd try to hold it, always a great effort and feels fantastic getting closer to the balls.

    She has rimmed me a couple of times, which is something I'd only had done by one other girl before but I love it from her, feeling that tounge going around my ass is a dream. Andrea is verse and I always preferred her to be my bottom and she enjoys getting a blowjob with her beautiful ass eaten out, she'll wriggle and make cute little noises as you poke her hole with your tounge that always get me hard.

    Now for the fucking. Once you've got the condom on, she'll lube you both up good and take you in her no problem. Her bums nice and tight, and she'll fuck any position. Andrea seems to enjoy staring on top ridining your cock letting hers flop about begging to be played with. I've had Andrea in this position bouncing on me while I wanked her off and her shoot a nice hot load all over my chest and some on my chin. It was honestly one of the hottest experiences I've ever had.

    Fucking Andrea doggy is my the best though. She'll get face down with the back arched and ass inviting you in. Smooth hips and body is a joy to hold while fucking and she'll always be intensly passionate with lots of kissing and touching.

    Andrea enjoys topping as well. As said her cocks not that huge but she's always gentle when slipping in. Once your into it though she can fuck you hard and quick, which feels great. No complaints though, always feels great and again lots of kissing And body touch.

    Good massage at the start, which always feels great, which is a nice bonus. Never clock watches and have always ended up being with Andrea longer than the hour I payed for. So again highly recommend her absolutely worth the punt.

    So sweet of you babe. I am always looking forward to satisfy you in bed. Like what I always told you, I won’t make you or anyone feel disappointed after every session. 💋✨ Take care and see you very soon.