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  • Deleted profile (Priyanka Chawla)

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    MR Lovers,
    I came back to Mumbai after long time
    , for new year holiday. I was planning to have good time with hot girl. Browsing MR profiles shortlisted Priyanka Chawla.

    We met in BKC last week. She was is nice company. We also had dinner together.

    The session was pretty decent. I fucked her in different positions. She was bit lazy to try different positions but I didn’t give up. The best was mouth fucking and WOT. She was jumping on me like hell. She enjoyed it and was shouting loud. We had 2 wild sessions. First session I banged her for 10 minutes. Second round I banged her longer than 25 minutes. We both were exhausted and had swollen private parties. We slept for some time and had dinner.
    It short Pure hard fucking and shouting. At 30k it’s expensive but I got great fucking for new year. Thanks.

    I never allow anyone to make me swell or go wild on me.
    I like all soft, gentle, clean and normal.
    Nothing hard and elongated sessions.
    I don't know whom u met. Certainly, it's not me. Anyways.

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