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    19 Apr 2020

    I want to know that are you providing online service in lockdown?

    To be honest..I never did online and it was hard for me too..but since two month no sex at all and no fun no meeting..I am missing the fun in now i plan to start online fun for limited people...only, as i cannot give everyone time at same only for limited people i plan to do sex chat or phone sex with them..I plan to keep the price at 1500 for sex chat till you cum, or 2100 for phone sex till you cum...only for limited people..i would take payment through upi ...
    and as you aware what i do i do best in will make sure i do this also best..might be i am new but no one know or enjoy SEX better then me And please remmeber this online is only till i resume meeting...once resume then i will stop doing online ...