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  • Verified photosKanishak ‍‍‍‍‍ - masseur in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    This is my most recent and genuine review as I was introduced to Kanishak by a colleague of mine who recently experienced his services in Noida. Being in an abusive relationship, I finally made the decision to break free and live life on my own terms. I yearned to be cherished in bed without the constraints of a relationship. Initially, we had a telephonic conversation followed by a video call to confirm his identity. What struck me immediately was his impeccable communication skills and his ability to engage in conversation effortlessly. I even requested him to be partially unclothed during the video call to assess his physique, to which he willingly obliged. Our first meeting took place in a cafe within a renowned shopping mall in Noida. Kanishak arrived dressed appropriately for the occasion, displaying impeccable manners and respect. During our conversation at the mall, I made the decision to take things to the next level and booked a hotel room for us. I have absolutely no regrets about this decision. We passionately kissed for an extended period of time, undressing each other before indulging in intimate moments in the shower and bathtub - an idea that originated from him. He fulfilled my every desire in bed, lavishing me with kisses and caresses that left me yearning for more. It was an experience that surpassed any previous encounters, and I find myself wishing we had met earlier. Now that I have discovered him, I am eager to continue meeting him again and again.

    Thank you very much, Noida malls ain't safe anymore ceilings are collapsing. I wish this experience gave you moments of joy to cherish and courage to move on from the past experiences. Thank you for choosing me as your companion.