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  • Verified photos LAST DAY W/ 3SOME - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I met Patricia last night and what an absolute gem she was.
    She made a guy who doesnt write review write one. Thats how amazing the experience was. She was very succinct and clear in her communication before fixing the plan and in helping me reach her place. The minute I stepped in, I was totally blown away seeing her lovely lovely home. She got me comfortable, had a few drinks and a lot of conversation. She is definitely not a time watcher. We spent so much time just talking about random things and then about what I liked and disliked and boy, was she excited when I told her about my interests. I freshened up there and she had a variety of toiletries for you to use. Very handy. And then we slowly eased into action in her super comfortable bed. This classy and elegant woman then turned into a wild cat or wild poodle? ? Some may like the GFE and others PSE. Just imagine if you had both. Lets just say she bonded really well with my junior and I am not even saying it figuratively. Her skills are top notch. Oh and the rimming!!!! My my my!! We finished that session with my cumming in her mouth and she swallowing every last drop of it. She is little greedy like that.
    Then we chilled out for a while, ventured into 2nd round, I made sure that she cums as well.
    Now and then we got into it again, it went on and on. So 1 hour is what it is supposed to be, but it went for 3 hours I think. ssshhh. ?
    She was so sweet to even offer to order dinner for me, but I had to leave. It was way past midnight already.
    Pati, you are one of a kind and one hell of a woman. I cant wait to meet you again. An absolutey memorable experience.
    Side note - to all you guys out there, be a gentleman and genuine and just read her profile a few times. It has all the info you need. You be kind and courteous to her, she reciprocates multifold in the same way. To my brown friends out there, she is not racist at all. She just hopes that you are a decent human being. Be one and in return you get something that you will never forget.

    Thank you babe see u soon again