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  • Sachini Ekanayaka - escort in Colombo
    2 Jun 2020

    Are you available now?

    Weekend ok

  • Verified photosRoshani - escort in Colombo
    17 May 2020

    Do you do edging?

    Call me ...

  • Verified photosMichelle - escort in Colombo
    7 Feb 2020

    Hi Michelle, I am in my mid 20s. I'm interested in receiving watersports and licking you clean, facesitting, making you squirt, and receiving edging orgasms. Think you can do that while softly dominating like you would do to a young boy?

    Hi darling I love you guys so stamina I do Watersports facesitting and squirt also if you like and finger me right. I am available today please call and speak to my assistant for a appointment with me😘😘😘

  • Verified photosFalen - escort in Colombo
    5 Jan 2020

    Hi Falen,
    I'm 25, hope you like younger guys. Few questions.
    Do you give watersports? I want to lick you after you piss.
    I'd also like to see you sit on my face and squirt.
    Can you make me cum from a blowjob? Are you into these stuff?

    Hi darling yes I do watersports giving and receiving I also squirt after a few beers and getting a good fingering and lick😘 call my assistant and make a appointment I am available today.

  • Tesha - escort in Colombo
    30 Oct 2019

    Are you okay with cum in mouth? And anal?