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  • Verified photosDisha Kaur (Independent Married Lady) - escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    She is awesome n classy. Recently I did a video chat with her during the lockdown because we cannot meet in real. I know her for more than 1 year. During a video chat its a throwback picture when we really meet face to face. she has an awesome body to fuck. Hope to meet u u.....

    Yes dear.. Due to these cam session, many many people who coulnt meet me in real, enjoyed me... I never knew earlier that many people appreciate my works and have respect to me... Sachi this lockdown was disguise for me as a opportunity.. And gave me window to explore further with new opportunities... And thanks for all the love, money and blessing I got from every corner.. Cannot ask anything more then these.. Now toh reduced more weight.. So sure now u would enjoy more my body when we meet dear.. Looking forward to you.. Love you..

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  • Verified photosRAVEN - masseuse in Chandigarh
    2 Aug 2020

    I drop a msg to you. But no reply from u. kindly reply how i get services from u

    Hi hun. Sorry for the delayed response hopefully I got back to you already