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  • Mira - escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 2 / 5

    This is not a review but just information for fellow mongers who are looking for some good time by meeting in real.

    Below are the services she doesn't offer and please keep these in mind before approaching for a real meet.

    Bj with condom only
    No cim
    No anal
    No rimming
    No Tongue kissing(no DFK)
    No 3sum
    No submissions
    dominant only

    TURN offs:
    boring types
    Not informing about leaving time
    Estimated time to reach
    Bad hygiene
    Bad breath
    Not bringing condoms
    Forcing me
    Hairs on dick
    And if any injuries on body

    Please plan and approach accordingly and have fun time 😊

    I have told the above to this guy only when he was asking too many repeated qstns. And I was in frustration. But not to demean anyone. As a person I have my preference ryt. And I don't force anyone to come to me. It's all with mutual understanding how it goes. U don't need to tell here in review about what we talked. If anyone approach me then definitely I'll give all the info they ask. It varies from person to person. Some prefer kinky, some are just foreplay enough for them. So I don't argue with anyone and also if they ask openly then I also tell what I don't do. Nobody is forcing no one. Hope others understand. Also when someone ask too many qstns and they say they r coming, but unfortunately something comes up and maynot come. So as gentlemen it's good to inform prior. It won't spoil eachothers respect. How u see lot of fake, I also go through time passers, photo collector, scammers.hope it makes sense why I told this guy like that. Rest is upto u. And there is nothing new u saying here. For many ppl I told directly bj with condom only. And if u remember in our chat u only said it's my preference wat I can do. Now u posting it here. Lol that shows ur character. I don't know why u r angry on me. After all I'm a profile in Mr. Not ur life partner. Also if u want to do brokerage between me and clnts sorry I don't have any job for that. I'm independent. They can direct msg me.