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  • Verified photosLizza - Transsexual escort in Kolkata
    Rating: 5 / 5

    So i fixed meeting with her, i amazed by her beautiful looks when I see her, she wore a saree, and looks like a Bengali bride. She offered me water to drink and said relax ho jao. She removed my dress and started kissing me like a gfe, very passionate kisses, and good dfk with all spits. She den remove her saree and started lick my ears ,full body , she den take my hand to her dick, it's hard, she said now u will blow my dick, i said no i can't do that( it's a roleplay we discussed earlier), she tell me to seat and come with a stick, she looks tall in her heels. She said will u suck me i denied, and den she put dog collar, and started abusing me, and she can abuse , after only abusing,she started to slap my face soft than hard, it's a half hour slapping in different positions, then she take me in her lap and started slapping my ass continuously. I got tired, but she got great stamina, she tied my both hands, so now I hv nowhere to go, and she got complete control of my mouth, she blow my mouth for 15 minutes till she cum, cummed over my face and rub it on my face by her hand. Freshen up and den we started drinking and discuss personal stuff.Very good service and she is dominating good.

  • Verified photosAnuskha Roy - Transsexual escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    It's my 2nd time with her. I bought some red wine for her .The room is very clean big and beautiful with AC.She is in a small dress with beautiful lipstick.No one can imagine that a monster is hidden between her legs.We started drinking, after she started giving a dfk, and she can smooch very well, her whole body smell so nice.After some frolay she told me that she want to fk me, but I said no as i m not in mood, but after dat she get very furious, she makes me neeldown, and started slapping my face, and saying mughe koi na nahi bolta, and continue slapping, and those r hard slaps,my face turns complete red,after this she tie my hands in back, and started fuking my mouth, I gag on her cock multiple number of times, it goes upto my throat.She told me this punishment u got when u say no to her. After making my chest full with my saliva, she smiled at me and say abhi chodne doge, ta toh punishment repeat, i said yes, but I beg her to untie me , she den started killing my ass, after some time she cumout and it's whole lot of a cum.After dat she put her lipstick again and started kissing me like a gfe, and as always gives the best bj. We den discuss some personal life's and den freshen up .At the door as i m going she push me towards her and give a slap and a kiss,and tell me come again. As always wonderful service again by her

    Thanks dear

  • Verified photosTanisha Roy - Transsexual escort in Kolkata
    Rating: 5 / 5

    So reached her flat , she came to pick me, i bring whisky and cigerette with me. She got a black sexy dress. We started drinking and start some chit chat, i get very comfortable with her, we talk on many things, we drink heavily, suddenly she started dancing and what sexy dance , i can't believe it, after that she make me nude and started dfk, after dat we do mother son roleplay, and what a dominating she gave me, she slap my face continue and make it red, she slap me with her foot, den she shove her cock in my mouth and fk my mouth till I gag, she den lift me ,what a strength she got, after dat she spank my ass, my ass and face till hurts today but I love it.i told her not to top as we both her heavily drunk.after dat one of her friend come, she give me lift to my hotel. She is very good person, service is also good.Thnx next time I want more domination and slaps.

    Thank u so much😘😘😘😘

  • Verified photosLeela - Transsexual escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Entered her room she told me to go to bathroom and freshen up. When I come out She is in front of me full nude high heels , she is very tall and dcik is hanging, she pull my hair and give the best dfk, den she started slapping me my face with volgour words and I loved every bit of it, after slapping and spitting my face her dcik is ready 7/7.5 may b, she scroll me arround her room and den sat on a sofa ,and ask me to suck her , it's long so I gagged several times but she doesn't care she told me to continue, whenever I gag she roughly slapped me, den she stood up and forcefully fcuk my mouth it's hard to take, it's hard like iron, but she continue for some time
    Den she told me that she is very horny and want to try anal, ( before session I refused for anal) but she told me it will b easy to take
    First she lubed my ass and started fingering first little pain but after its good, den she put on a condom and lube us both , and started penetrating very slowly, she fuckd very slowly and professional dat I don't fill any pain, den she fuckd me in different positions with very care, everything is good but last minute she stroke my ass very hard , which pains a lot, at last she cum on my back ,she got great stamina, even she lift me during her session, She is ready for another shot but I m totally exhaust, den she kissed me gudbye

    Thanks Sona I am sorry aap ko pain hua kuchh jyada hi, 😂🥰😘😘😘😛🤭🤭🤗🤗🥰🥰

  • Verified photosDisha Kaur (Independent Married Lady) - escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 1 / 5

    After I made payment to her bank account, she refuse to give me service of video call bcs she did not get any message, but I told her that my account is debited and it will reflect in your account in few minutes, but she become offline, next day I told her that if she got d money, but she told me that she is busy and can't see her account now, next day after so many requests she ready to service but the money is credited on the first day itself, now 2 days after I m not in a position to video call so I choose audio call for 30 minutes, but she only tell oh common baby in first 5 minutes which is a big turn off, I cut the call and she don't even bothered to call me again to find out what happen.
    Stay away from such profile, the profile looks good but it is not.

    What what what... Atleast if some other escort is trying to spoil my image atleast do in such a way which everyone can digest.. I'm shocked and surprises.... First u saying u made a payment to my account.. Okay chalo its normal, then u saying I refused to give u service ohhhh my goodness shocked, and laughing.. I have given online session to more then 500 people in this lockdown.. Many international people too.. Everyone paid me.. But never anyone not one people wrote a review or message that I cheated or deny service after payment.. I'm in this industry since 3 years, and everyone knows about my honesty and commitment level... So hard to digest I deny service after payment... Bring me one person, I repeat one person who can say or proof I deny service if I got the payment.. I assure to give u free service for life time... Mind it.. I'm saying this in open.. I know u a fake another escort who is just trying to spoil my image and create fake rumours.. But it hardly matters to me.. As my people knows about my honesty and truth... They trust me.. I don't need to play dirty to do business.. I follow my business ethics.. I toh don't even read what review.. But I received many message that there is fake review about u that u cheat people.. And when I read I was like.. WTF... I don't need to be insecure about my business or work.. As it's my part time work and what I do i give my best so, I focus on my work instead of playing this ditry game with another escort...
    Even it came to my notice, many escort here are copying my advertisement... So you be insecure and play this trick which I focuss on client satisfaction and relaxation but thats what gonna retain client then to come back and earn more.. Rather then focusing trying to spoil other images.... Let me give u a tip if u wanna succeed.. be BE LOYAL AND HONEST TO YOUR CLIENT, it not important you do everything but what u do so it in best way... So he happy....
    Next time you write fake review, atleast give something to digest.. First know about me and how I give service.. Its true I cannot keep everyone happy.. As everyone has different expectations... But I try to retain 80 percent of my client and 90 percent happy with me which I follow with them.. As i create bond with them.. All I can do is whatever I do give my best..
    Still my well wishes to u, you also earn good and work hard further.. There are lots of business for everyone if u be professional to ur work and True to ur commiment..

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