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  • Mahira star - escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Another Fake profile, run by agent. Be careful. I booked for full night and discussed all details over chat / call in the given number. The girl whom this agent sent turned out to be below par. Moreover, she was not aware of what was discussed & agreed. In fact, according to her she was last minute arrangement.

    Lesson: Ask for VC confirmation just before the meeting (they will have fake VC if it is much before the meeting). If the person avoids VC confirmation, stay away.

    As an independent provider, I have listed my profile directly on MR since 2020, and I do not require the assistance of agents to secure work. However, it appears that these agents are feeling threatened by the increasing number of independent girls on the platform, which has resulted in them resorting to harassing tactics to try and secure business.

    I was initially contacted by one of these agents who pretended to be a customer, and after I had completed a video call verification, they began pressuring me to work with them on commission. Despite my repeated refusals, they continued to harass me, and since then, their behavior has only escalated.

    These agents, including their friends, have been constantly contacting me from various phone numbers, which has caused me significant distress and discomfort.

    I would like to tell you and your colleagues that these cheap and unethical tricks will not be tolerated.