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  • Deleted profile (High Feel Colombo & Maldives)

    Rating: 1 / 5

    If you give them for a reasonable price, still could be tolerable. They take money before the session, then complain I am getting late, I have kids to pick, I have work to report, etc. further, these girls are sometimes not hygiene as well. I tried three of your girls. They charge models price, at least service should be reasonable.

    Mate you said you took 3 of my girls.i hope you came for 3 times for me there something special reason compared to other escorts agencies. But i have only girls no housewives.

  • Deleted profile (High Feel Colombo & Maldives)

    Rating: 1 / 5

    All of these girls are not models, some are just house wifes like girl in the pic, others are working somewhere, poor service, rush, not worth more than 4000, all photos are Edited Photoshopped. They will send the girl when you book and at room, you will accept the girl with disappointment. Don’t trap yourself. The place is in nugegoda prestige hotel. You can get the same girl outside cheeper.

    If you can do so I'll give girl for free..mate i never make you to rush take only see photos and select and i always tell if you not satisfied don't pay..and i never say i have model girls. Its only model type girls. Sorry if you got disappointing.but you're a 1 of not satisfied of 100 of satisfied customers.

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