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  • Verified photosKy Jell - Transsexual escort in Singapore
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    I had a great night with Her. She is more female than male. When I fucked her tight anus, she was crying and fucked her 7 times and she than was crying and saying , forgive me. I forgave her that night, but the next time I will not forgive her!

  • Rina - escort in Brasov
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    When you get into bed with this lady , you will forget everything as she showers the love on you and can satisfy your all needs without extra charges.
    She is absolutely good at all , specially when she offers the back riding! Ride and enjoy!

    Thank you my darling Roger ... 😉

  • Verified photosSheila - escort in Fujairah
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    This is a real loving girl with tight front and back.
    When you ride , you will feel satisfied.

  • Nancy - escort in Ajmān
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    When you meet this BBW, you will enjoy and she can bless more to you then what you expect!

  • Verified photosDaria - escort in Amsterdam
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    I had enjoyed three times with this girl. She can satisfy you and I bet you will not forget her as she is soft and gentle.
    I wish to be in bed with her soon! The tight one!

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  • Kara - escort in Bangkok
    23 Jul 2018

    how much will you charge for two hours? Full service

    It's 3000 THB for 2 hours. thank you.

  • Verified photosSazy A-Level - escort in Bangkok
    23 Jul 2018

    Can we meet every night at 10 pm for two hours ? I need to know about the price and number shots you accept in two hours?

    The rates for 2 hours is 5,000 THB. You will need to book in advance to avoid disappointment. 2 shots, 2-hour booking is fine.

  • Verified photosBrandi A-Level - escort in Bangkok
    23 Jul 2018

    I will be in Bangkok for one week in October this year.
    Could you please tell me about your charges?

    You can check up to date rates on our website. You can also book via smooci app for exclusive rates.

  • Sholpan Sartbaeva - escort in Bishkek
    16 Aug 2015

    I would like to book you for the whole night and need full service (including anal).
    Money is no problem.

    Wow, great news, no problem. When, where and what would you like me to wear for you?

  • Rani escort agency Female & Male - escort agency in Hyderabad
    16 Aug 2015

    We are visiting currently the Hyderabad.
    We are two black guys from South Africa.
    We need a girl for whole night who can tolerate double penetration.
    Money is no problem.

    Sorry for delay in reply
    Yes we can provide call us on +918374652551