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  • Julie - escort in Phuket
    Rating: 2 / 5

    I'll start with the Good
    These pictures are edited & she's covered with make up, she looks OK in reality though + she's clean (looks & smell whole body)

    The Bad (a handful)
    We agreed in a price (very fair price) + particular services for "Few Hours"
    In just under an hour she started rushing me to "finish" and she kept saying if you want us to do this or that (which we already agreed on) you have to pay me that much more

    I really hated that but it wasn't a deal breaker, the deal breaker was that she 100% faked her 2 orgasms + all her moaning and intimate talk is embarrassingly fake and bad, it's more like a parody of cringe 90s porn movies

  • Verified photosYour mistress is here - escort in Pattaya
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I met her a while back when I was vacationing in Phuket, she is the real deal + her specialties are so diverse
    We clicked right away,, the chemistry was there from the get go

    I won't go into details of how the session went, however I'll say this... I'm an early middle aged guy & naturally I had my fair share of sexual encounters, saying that,, after my session with her I felt like somehow I lost my virginity for the second time (if that makes any sense) and all of that without intercourse which says a lot

    I'll certainly meet her again if I ever happen to be in Phuket