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    17 Feb 2019

    Hi Brenda why your prices are so high?
    You should to change it. Muscat rates are 50/150omr. Could you consider that?

    First of all I am priceless starting from there. Any money cant pay my youth my smile my emphaty to listen each one of the one who decides to spend time with me. I am not an object that has price wrote under them. Here is just a compensation for my time, time is priceless once the time pass we can’t recover. Life is too short I believe we came to this world to be happy and enjoy nice moments. Is that I offer to my clients. They don’t “ PAY”. They just invest their money on a classy, beautiful, hot girl very passionate. They feel happy after see me and money is just a detail. I am not kind of girl who gonna kick you out after 10 min booking. That’s why I choose who I will met. Please consider my rates and come to see me. I promisse unforgetable and passionate experience.