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    Today I visited mistress Serena. She staying in very good hotel. when I enter mis sarena room she told me take your cloth. I was very afraid. when I take my cloth she gang my mouth. and she say I don't want to hear your voice then she throw me on the table and tie my hands&legs. after 1min I saw she take cane under the bed and she start to kill my ass. I say mistress I don't want. I want to go back my home. she told me what You think i let you to go home never till I don't taste your blood on your ass you will not go. then she start to make hard caning after 20 stroke cane is broke. I was think I'm lucky but no. she take another cane under the bed and she never stop till she don't see blood on my ass. she taste my blood. after she take me on the bed. and she told me you will see what I will do with you.then she take 1 big strapon from cupboard. and she put lubricant on my ass and she start to fuck like a wild. I much cry and I say I don't want anymore strapon but she never stop she never she never.

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