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  • Verified photosgeo ji - Transsexual escort in Beirut
    1 Dec 2021

    You are beautiful ladyboy and i respect you because you deserve our that you are smart nice person and all silly words important to care for it and keep strong please❤❤❤

    Thanks for you hbb for sure i respect you too and loves you.❤️😘i dont have time to think about some silly people and their words iam strong and i have self confidence enough to stay calm,happy and relax❤️

  • Verified photosM. Ji. K - Transsexual escort in Beirut
    19 Oct 2021

    كلامك صحيح وكتير معيك حق يا قلبي وانتي طيبة وكلاس ومهضومة وكلنا عا حسابك ومعك وحدك حبيبتي ما تزعلي ولا تدايقي متل اجرك الي مش عاجبك ما تردي عليه و عمليلو بلوك وخلي الباقي علينا نحنا بظهرك ومنرد عنك يا عمري يخليلي قلبك يا قمر انتي احلا قمر ❤

    Merci ktir hbb ba3ref walla w ana b7terem w b7eb l nes l mratabin wl mna7

  • Verified photosM. Ji. K - Transsexual escort in Beirut
    1 Oct 2021

    Haydeh 2wal marrah bjarib hyke bass kteer habieta lah joey adeh ente classy mratabe mzewo2a w mahdoume thanks baby kan date rawo3a be3akis mah ba3oud alnas alkazabine yale 7ekyouh 3layke mafhoume hayde lesh see you soon baby😘❤

    Thanks hbb welcome you anytime((you are gentleman and classy too and this kind of people are most welcome)) mwah