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  • Jei Busty Bangkok Girl - escort in Muscat
    Rating: 1 / 5

    This is an old profile, the number is active but the lady is not available. Look for someone else.

  • Verified photosMaica Only 1 Week - escort in Muscat
    Rating: 1 / 5

    The profile says she is Filipino. She is not. This profile is months (not a week old as claimed). She is not even the same lady in the pic. The agent will confirm that this lady is present and when you end up at the apartment, you will be greeted with other ugly looking hags who will try to convince you to take them. These are the new tricks being played by the agents.

  • Verified photosNoni - escort in Muscat
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Noni looks about the same as in her pics but thats all the similarity is between her profile and pics. She has a very bad attitude, very short temper, talks like a retarded person and gives poor service. When you complain, she feels offended and starts calling you names and attacks your ethnic background. Idiots like this should be avoided and I can only hope MR will allow this review to be published to let people know the reality about this dumb person.

    I will be good with nice person only but ur not ūüė™because u not respect lady

  • Verified photos‚Äčmaylee.b2b‚Äč,‚Äčrim,‚Äčnuru‚Äč,‚Äčsuck,cim,anal‚Äč - escort in Muscat
    Rating: 3 / 5

    May has been around since 2020 - lingering about in Oman. She provides a great service but has a few issues too. Her body is all natural and she looks a bit different from her pics. She rides very well and can be very erotic at times. Her issues are that she drinks a lot and has a terrible attitude which at times makes me think if she has a brain at all. If you can overlook this part of her and manage to get her during her good moods, she'll give you a great time.

    The problem with my customers is that you can't afford the price I offer, you want everything good but you pay badly... And‚Äč want‚Äč for‚Äč discount‚Äč i‚Äč can‚Äč say‚Äč no‚Äč if‚Äč you‚Äč can't‚Äč pay... And‚Äč discount‚Äč money‚Äč discount‚Äč service‚Äč too‚Äč but‚Äč Some‚Äčpeople‚Äč want‚Äč discount‚Äč money‚Äč but‚Äč full‚Äč for‚Äč everything‚Äč... This‚Äč Why‚Äč i‚Äč block‚Äč for‚Äč your‚Äč number... Because‚Äč I‚Äč come‚Äč here‚Äč for‚Äč money‚Äč no‚Äč money‚Äč no‚Äč happy‚Äč you‚Äč remember... Thank‚Äč you‚Äč

  • Verified photosKim(only massage) (No sex/No b2b/ nuru) - escort in Muscat
    Rating: 4 / 5

    I met Kim early last year. She had a good clean room. She looks better in person. The lady is on the heavier side but she makes up for all that with a really good massage. Sex was mediocre.

    Thanks dear ūüôŹ but no sex only massage

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