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  • Verified photos(LAST DAY) Mistress Reya Dominatrix - escort in Tokyo
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    What can i say. Most of all Thank You! You have such presence...
    Your play was artistic as i experienced it this time. i relished being Your canvas and providing the fuel for Your writing. It was exciting to be molded into a more pleasurable aesthetic to You. The degradation that came at the end filled me with happiness. i have a hard time calling it degradation though because it is Your gift to me as a submissive. You dominate effortlessly but with care and respect. For me that is the mark of someone who knows who She is and what She can inflict. Your style resonates with me so deeply. And yes thank You for the new sensory experience as well. i appreciate Your sharing that with me - it was something i had curiosity about. i feel so lucky to have found You as a domme who can navigate all these tricky shoals with joie.
    happily happily happily