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  • Verified photosCartooncandy Pornstar 🇹🇭 - Transsexual escort in Bangkok
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I have known Cartoon Candy already two years. I appreciate her because of this reasons:
    1) She gives her best at her job and not lazy.
    2) She keeps her word and not deceive. I trust her.
    3) She is very feminine and communication with her feels like with a real girl.
    4) She has a pleasant female voice, unlike many other ladyboys.
    5) She has a beautiful slender body, a pretty girl face and big round tits.
    6) She has a nice ass. It's impossible not to lick her hole and fuck her.
    7) She has a magnificent cock! Her penis is dark in color and uncircumcised. Yes, medium size, but thick and therefore her dick looks big. Perfect shape and size. And in addition she has big balls and she good cumming. All of this looks so yummy and juicy.
    8) She is truly versatile in sex. On the one hand, she loves to be passive and is always glad to have a dick in her ass. On the other hand, she loves to fuck guys by her dick and receives real pleasure from it. She has strong hips and character, so she is great in the role of a dominant mistress.

    In shortly, Cartoon Candy is the best ladyboy in Thailand without a doubt!