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  • Verified photosModelling Sasha - escort in Colombo
    Rating: 3 / 5

    Met her sometime ago. She's beautiful and has a good body (you get what you see in the photos). Sex was okay, but can't say great. She has to improve. She's friendly and mannerful, and treated me nice.

  • Verified photosLesbian Sister - escort in Colombo
    Rating: 1 / 5

    An utter waste of money! I met them a few days ago and the service, for which I paid 18,000, was NOT worth at least 4,000 ! They don't at least allow you to touch or kiss them properly (I was like, 'if you don't want me to touch you, why would you choose this job in the first place!').

    Also, they don't provide half the services they've mentioned above. And, when they say they provide '1 shot for each girl', guys, that doesn't mean you get to have two orgasms - they merely allow you to be with each girl for a short period of time.

    They claim the package is 90 mins, but they try to finish the session way before that. Frankly, I've had far far better services from girls working at spas. This is literally a rip-off, an utter waste of money.

    I'm sorry about the bad review !

    Hello, thank u for the time taken to write this review. if we recall clearly you are the Gentlemen from India who had a skin disease. as you are very well aware your entire body is full of wounds & there were fluids flowing from these. it is a very bad skin disease & we being 20 & 22yr old young girls who are highly clean & hygienic we cannot have sex with a man who has such an illness. this is why we refused to accommodate you. we know its not right to bring your health issues up here & you should be under medication as early as possible. anyone who reads reviews here very closely would notice all good reviews are written by guys who have experienced many girls. bad reviews are written by first timers which goes to show the true caliber. we never ask anyone to write good about us. for anyone who needs proof we have ample recommendations received on whats app from many satisfied clients. if we are greedy for money we will work 24/7 but we only work from 10am to 6pm daily & sunday is a holiday. we are more than happy servicing 3-4 highly reputed customers a day. these criticisms are part n parcel of this industry & we are ready to face any brickbats thrown at us by occasional customers.

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  • Verified photosLeona Dee , Best Service @ Wellawaththa - Transsexual escort in Colombo
    19 Aug 2020

    Hi, is there any way we can have an outdoor session? I'd love to be with you outdoor.

    Dear Client Senutani ,
    Thanks for Contacting me here agian .
    Yes there is a way. Due to Privacy and Safety Resons please contact me Via Whatsapp . 😘❤️
    Thank You 😍
    [ Leona Dee | 0776345790 ]

  • Verified photosMistress Nayomi - dominatrix in Colombo
    23 Dec 2019

    Ma'am. Can I know how many hours is half day session and how much you charge?

    Also how many hours full day and how much you charge?

    15000/- 9.00pm - 6.00am

  • Verified photosLeeza Sparkle - Transsexual escort in Colombo
    24 Jun 2019

    Can I drink beer/ wine and smoke with you during the session?

    Yes of course you can chill with me.i would like to do all you mentioned above during the consuming liqour i dont like drinking beer and wine is always fine with me.if you can have double switch ones will be better.if not m ok with anyother.if it is possible whatsapp me with this profile name.then i can be able to get you easily into my mind when chatting.hope to see you soon with all these fantacies.

  • Deleted profile (Nayomi)

    28 Sep 2019

    Ma'am, can I lick your armpits?

    yes can

  • Deleted profile (Mistress Vihangi)

    28 Sep 2019

    How do I contact you and make an appointment? When are you free?

    via massage republic