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The Shemale lover from Bangalore, love to suck their dick, taste their cum, kiss them , suck their tongue, drink their spit, cum, i totally love them . if needed i need drink their water (receive watersports)

I like:

CIM - Come In Mouth, Deep throat, Face sitting, French kissing, GFE, Oral sex - blowjob, OWO - Oral without condom and Submissive

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  • Verified photosEmma Sweet 018 - Transsexual escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I am waiting for the next chance to meet this angelic trans queen. I can say all the good words in this world about this Angel. I can wait in front of her gate all the time from morning till evening to book an appointment from her also she is an angle straight from heaven I never tasted anything good in this world except her cum while she cums inside my mouth. Lovely angel. Anyone is yearning to meet her go ahead with happy mood she will make you her regular worshipers like she made me to do so. Hoping for next blessing from her sorry from this angel.

  • Verified photosEmma Sweet 018 - Transsexual escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I had a chance to meet her last night around 1: 00 she remembered me when I text her she remember my name. I asked her to pay a visit to her place near Koramangala. She gave me the green signal I went to her place she was with a full makeover and ready for some other person if anyone may arrive, to her surprise I went to meet her we did not even discuss anything we know each well so I went to her saw her eyes she was craving far I loved her smokey eyes looked at her eyes, smiled, I said I love you, baby. She replied I love you too we again smiled at each other romantically I kissed her lips in a gentle friendly manner she returned a favour we then spoke that way itself we missed each other for quite a while and started kissing slowly slowly we went to kiss deeply in a romantic way she knows I am a thirty type and love to suck tongue she sticks her tongue out I licked with my tongue initially slowly I started sucking her she also knows I drink her spit we deeply French kissing, sucking her tongue she gave me her heavenly tasted spit I drank as much as I can by that time we both were in heights of horny can't resist on each other. She was fully erect obviously as I was I took that loving baby and started to lick the tip of her dick by that time she jumped a little saying oh God! Baby suck my dick I did not suck immediately I let her ask me more and more in that meantime I was still licking the tip of her dick after that slowly I went to her dick head and sucked a bit by the time she came little I tasted her cum while tasting that we saw each other eyes and smiled each other she asked me, baby, please suck me I said I want to take even a bit more time to her dick head she then smiled and allowed me when I was tasting her dick head because of the sexual arousal affectionate we have for each other she said she can not resist even further even a single minute further I now can understand her feelings and took her dick to my deep throat I sucked as long as I can I requested her to stand by as long as possible she was able to manage as long as she can she then came out that time I took her dick to my tongue to taste her honey I tasted again I tried to suck her it may not be possible for her to erupt again. As we know each other I told her lets to go to the next step and at this time only I removed all my clothes she graciously welcomed me with her to her bathroom I again kneel and tried to suck or even tried to lick her the dick she said it's difficult after that I went to the devotee mood I prayed this goddess to piss on my head and body she did piss me all over and I drank a bit of the holy water I requested her I need to be on that piss for some time she allowed I was in sleeping position and rounded here and there to spread all over my body I was there for some 5 minutes and licked her piss and took a bath and came out till that time she was waiting for me take bath. After I took bath she went to take both she did and came out we had a chat for some time and I left the place. She is always ready to welcome is what she said to me I said I can be your devotee forever and with heavy heart I left the place. It took quite some time till these time we did not see the time at all. I love you EMMA goddess! I will wait for another day to take holy water from you.

    Till then bless me Goddess EMMA .

  • Verified photosTrixie - Transsexual escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Guys can have a crush on Kriti Shanon I have a crush on this beautiful trans queen according to me she is sorry kriti Shannon is looking like this trans queen. She is in my wish list for long time in addition to that I have a real and crush on her as soon as I will be back to Bangalore city I will try to meet her as soon as possible. I am getting boner instantly I see her. Love her the way she is.

  • Verified photosJinnah - Transsexual escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    The guys usually will go behind the girls in most
    cases for me I am addicted to trans queens like her in most cases and girls are always my second priority in front of beautiful trans queen like her. I saw her in person so many times I know her working place I don't want to reveal here I saw her so many times she goes around with her friends I first time saw and got stunned I like the way she carried her I know the walking style of her, talking style of her , how she looks people , how she purchase I tried to reach her to go down unfortunately before that covid hits India too so I decided not to approach her that Time I am still out of the town I will approach her when I get back to the city. I am willing to meet this goddess don't think why I call every trans queens are my goodness I like to worship them we will not worship humans "I call them goddess"

  • Verified photosMexylovely - Transsexual escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I remember I met her several years back in Bangalore I am sorry to say I did not get much impressed with her look she did good service through now accidentally I am seeing her and impressed instantly with the changes like she is a goddess now. I will have to take blessings from her especially since I am a spit and cum drinker so I will require a spit from her while kissing and cum in my mouth and a golden shower at the end piss on my head to take bath on that holy water for me trans queens are a goddess and their spit is my water their cum is my snack and their piss is my holy water.

    Thanks a lot dear