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    Hey guys, I have been using this website and meeting shemales and girls since almost 7 years and never published a review but after meeting her, I couldn't resist myself to tell you all my fellows my experience with her. So it goes-
    Met this beauty yesterday at her flat. Man what a natural beauty she is. Pretty face, feminine body, hygiene, perfect figure, unforgettable body fragrance, her juicy lips and a nice big dick always hard. These Photos don't do justice to her.
    Reached her flat, gave me water and made me comfortable and it was cold so we directly moved into a blanket. We talked for a while and then I reached her lips to kiss her. Lips so juicy, I think we kissed for around 20 minutes non stop. Then we removed our clothes and there were two beautiful natural (perfect shaped) melons. I grabbed them started sucking her nipples. She is so sensitive, I could tell this by listening to her moans and when she started giggling when I kissed her neck.
    After that she turned on the room heater and we came into action outside the blanket. She grabbed my dick and it was already hard so in return I grabbed her dick too. We started kissing again giving a little handjob to each other. Then she started going down kissing all my body and kissed my dick first. Then she put her sloppy tongue in my dick and took in inside. Man what a feeling that was, so hot and warm. Her blowjob skills are top notch. I couldn't control myself so I stopped her because I didn't want to come inside that beautiful mouth her hers. Then we kissed again and this was my turn. I am a pure top so I never give a blowjob unless it's clean and hygiene. She smelled so nice and her body was so smooth, I could tell the hygiene level so after a long time, I gave a blowjob. Man the top of her dick is big, I took it in my mouth and her booty shivered once. Then I knew I was doing it right. After giving her a blowjob, I lifted her in my arms and started kissing again. My dick was touching her beautiful ass hole. After that I put her down to the bed and started licking that nice and clean ass of hers and made it wet. I put on the condom and started rubbing my dick on her asshole. In this position, I was able to see that perfect shape of her ass then I put my dick inside her, it was so tight, I could put only 1/4th of my dick inside. Then I put some lube on her hole and my dick, then put it back in. I was able to put half of it inside easily, so I started fucking her very slowly with half of my dick and put it a little deeper every shot so that it doesn't hurt her. When it was full inside, I bent a little, gave her a kiss and started pounding slow and deep and a little hard. We tried multiple positions and she was okay with all the positions. Last position was missionary, I was kissing and fucking her, her moans and the touch of her warm body made me cum quickly in that position. I came inside the condom and layed in same position for few minutes and then we cleaned ourselves. After first round we went to her kitchen, she made tea and it was already around 11:45 of the night. I then realised that almost 2 hours have passed and I didn't even notice that. While having tea, we talked a lot about our lives and shared a lot of things. I enjoyed her company so much that I asked her if I can stay the night and pay for the night. She agreed so we went to bed again, cuddled each other, rubbing each other, kissing each other and talked to each other almost all night. Then it was around 5 AM, we did our second round and slept naked cuddling each other. We woke up a little late and she was still in my arms, she gave me a kiss on the lips, I never enjoy morning first kiss due to bad breath but there was a surprise for me. There was no bad smell even when she just woke up so we kept kissing each other again (only lip to lip this time, no deep kissing bcz I may have a little bad breath and didn't want her to feel uncomfortable). Then we brushed, had tea again and I was about to leave then before leaving, I wanted more. Didn't want to leave her side, so I stayed a little longer, went to bed, stayed with her for a couple hours cuddled, talked and kissing then she received a call from her friend. She was going to market so I took her with me and dropped her to her friends location only because I wanted to spend more time in her company. Overall- She is the best for Tops, Versatiles and Bottoms. She has nice assets along with a big dick which is always hard.

    Thanks for ur sweet review , meet u soon dear 🥰