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  • Verified photosTS Summer 7 inches Big & Kinky - Transsexual dominatrix in Dubai
    13 Nov 2020

    Hiya Summer, I'm a first timer who's been curious for a long time. Basically, I wanna get abused by you, deepthroat your cock and ride it until you cum all over my face hnnng
    Greetings Jay.

    Would be great to worship my cock Jay! Txt me on whatsapp if u wanna make an arrangement for the session. I'm available 😇

  • Verified photosSALT - Transsexual escort in Melbourne
    13 Nov 2020

    Hey Maria, do you also deal with first timers?
    I want to get fucked hard by you and swallow your cum 🍆 💦


  • Verified photosT0P LADYB0Y (LIMITED DAYS) - Transsexual escort in Mumbai
    13 Nov 2020

    Hi Melody,
    Just a curious if you cater to first timers.
    Is it possible that you fuck me rough while choking me?

    Fuck you rough like thetes no end

  • Deleted profile (Top&Bottom SexPrincessTS)

    21 Jun 2021

    Hi Michelle, I'm a 24 year old curious first timer
    My ass is really tight and I want you to fuck me hard all night long lol.
    Can you also slap me and talk dirty to me?

    Sure dear

  • Deleted profile (BE My LADY In BED SubBOYTOY Kinky CIM)

    13 Nov 2020

    Good evening Mistress Diosa, my name's Jay and I am a first timer.
    Do you like to choke, spank and slap your submissive boytoys?
    And what's your favorite position?

    Yesss I am an active dominant Top shemale. I love the missionary Style hehe.. Chat me WhatsApp please to stay in touch. Hope to see you and be my boytoy 😄