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  • Verified photosSilk - escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 1 / 5

    She is a joke. Met her at her filthy 4th floor apartment in chattarpur. Super smelly, hairy, high on weed, ...I dont even feel like writing more. Glad to get out of her place.

  • Verified photosCharm Princess - escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Easily my worst experience with any Afro - she isnt 6 feet as she says in the profile. Height is 5'3" max. Upper lip full of hair. Very very smelly..from everywhere.... Rimming was agreed on - which for her means taking a condom over her finger and sticking that up your backside . Her 4th floor apartment is .well...unhygenic...and she was smelling so bad... I had to eat an entire pack of mint just to feel normal again the moment i rushed out of her place..

  • Verified photosDisha Kaur (Independent Married Lady) - escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 2 / 5

    Seemed genuine and had a good no. Of reviews on MR.

    Contacted her, made digital payment, fixed time in an hour.

    Pics sent earlier were good but she didn't look that great in reality. She mentions she is 28 but that's a blatant lie.

    Didn't worry too much at that point thought her service would be good. She almost covers her face all the time and mainly shows a close up of down south. But within 5 min she started rushing asking if I am done. This ended being a total turn off. I decided to end the call soon enough.

    Dear sorry for late reply.. Three negative things your metioned, one with mask and second with rush and third my age.. Lets get one by one.. Before start I always tell nude is always with mask.. So don't know how u knew my age but still it can be possible I didn't stand to your expectations.. But it's not that I didn't share my pic with you.... And you got that only on cam what I show you pic or told you before.. But still if you disappointed then sorry dear.. I'm sure in market many new or young female too there.. I never said I look young.. I always said what I look and I share my pic.. But sometimes it happens we gets very excited and then after we cum, we loose the exicmentent.. Thats what happened with time dear.. I never rush it's just, u took 10 min session.. So normally people cum by 8 or 9 min.. I remind them about time too.. So might be I might have remininded you too and you felt bad with it and it turn you off.. I'm really sorry for the bad experience you face with me.. Sure we can meet.. And the. Again you could judge the experience.. But if you into only younger lady below 25 then I guess I'm not right lady for you... Anyway dear.. I apologise for bad experience, would try to improve in future.. Have a good day darling

  • Deleted profile (Shanie)

    Rating: 1 / 5

    The profile starts with a lie - none of these pics are hers. They are from Facebook/instagram of popular african sportstar/celeb.

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