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  • Verified photosBeauty With Brains - escort in Kolkata
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    Sorry for the late review.Few weeks back i contacted this amazing classy girl.
    i had taken few online sessions from her.not gonna say about the deed we are here we all very much familiar with it.let's just say about the human being.from the first session she never once watched time.everytime we had session it was exceeded the session time and she never once spoke a ward of it.she is absolutely wonderful to talk to.she such a calm polite in nature top of that she is a goodhearted person.she made me feel so comfortable in session it's like we are friend. never felt like it was a paid conversation thank you for you was my pleasure to have some sessions with such a great human being like you.i didnt get a chance to meet her in person yet that's a little regret there.dont know if that's gonan happen or not.if not then its my loos to miss a chance to meet such wonderful and pure girl like you.looking forward to it.i just wish she also agrees for the meet.thank you for everything dear.will definately take more and more online session and conversation from you.i never felt that overwhelmed before when we had such great conversation with are very special.well i can write all day long to praise her and words cant explain her beauty in both her looks and inner self.usually when someone has lots of things in him/her they grow ego.but she is so generous and down to earth person which is very rare to find these days.once you talk to her you will feel like talking to her again and again.i am counting and eagerly waiting for the day to meet her.but dont know when its gonna they say you must wait and have patience for good.there are lots of good profile in here.but when you taste the best you never look at the disrespect to anyone here,its just my felling.
    thank you very very much.
    much love and regards from a fan of yours 😄

    Thank you dear🥰🥰we will surely meet