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  • Hii Im Chai I Like Also Anal Sex - escort in Cebu City
    4 Jan 2020

    Hi I’m a 25 yo woman do you do girl sex or maybe 3some me and my husband

    yes i like sex with girls also,im ok if you with me,10k

  • Verified photosParty girl tamara - adult performer in Cebu City
    6 Nov 2019

    You do 3some babe.? Same price ?

    I am Not in Taipei anymore

  • Deleted profile (Carl Open Massage and Escort)

    6 Nov 2019

    3some price same...

    Yes we offer package deal it includes all the way extra services like blowjob, hand job, romance qnd sex like girlfriend and boyfriend experience it consumes for 2-3 hours it cost 9000 pesos only

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