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  • Verified photosMistress Stark Filipina dominatrix - dominatrix in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I must say Mistress stark is a wonderful and creative mistress and there is no doubt in that. She gives her 200 percent effort in satisfying her slaves. I met her 2 to 3 times. Every time is a mind blowing experience.

    Godess forgive me that I haven’t wrote review earlier as I was wasn’t having account on this website. I created my id to say thanks and write a review about the wonderful evenings we spent together.

    First experience with mistress Stark my first ever experience in life. I entered the flat with fear and anxiety. She spoke to me for 5 minutes in the balcony about my interest and desires and made me relax. She has tailored the session in fractions on seconds and said let’s start.

    She dragged me to the room and made me bow down and ripped my clothes off. Then she tied my hands with cuffs and wrapped my face with an ACE bandages tightly. I could not see and speak. I be cake immobilized and helpless. With the help of her assistant she dragged me to the wall and clipped the hand cuffs to the wall and tortured me with her various vibrators controlling my cock. My cock almost exploded with the techniques she implied. I never expected such great and wonderful experience. Sky was the limit and I was in cloud 9. I never even dreamt of the experience that I was going to have in real. This is true and I even didn’t believe my self till the time te session ended and I was untied and removed my blindfold. She is a real godess of domination and controlling.

    I will recommend you guys. U will have an amazing experience ever experienced in ur life 🤩🤩🤩

  • Verified photosMISTRESS ALEXA... Pleasure Dominatrix - dominatrix in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Met Godess Alexa 15 days ago. Though it’s too late for review, I have to write this. This stunning and beautiful godess made me feel sky high and I enjoyed the every minute.

    She invited me I to her flat when I knocked the door and I still remember she was wearing beautiful black lingerie, tight and Stockings and long gloves that have blown my mind. She gave me water and made me relax and asked about my interests and fetishes . The place is very cozy and clean. Dim light, slow music and I felt ultimately comfortable.

    I wasn’t able to control my self and was shocked and clueless how to react. Then she asked me to remove dress and took the rope slowly she start tying my body ,stuffed my mouth and wrapped me with a gag and blindfolded me . I was totally helpless and herhusky voice in my ear and and her fragrance of scent blown my senses. I forgot myself whenever she touch me and she locked me in chastity and used all wide range equipment like whip, vibrator she ruined my orgasm and had took all control over me. She is a real domina.

    I will very much recommend. Thanks Alexa for the wonderful evening on that day and my apologies for late review.

    Ur mind will blow away if the combination of another mistress- Mistress stark will join to do a duo session. U will have ultimate experience. Lucky that these dominations are here in UAE.

    Godess Alexa and Mistress Stark. I would like to meet you both very soon for a duo session.