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  • Verified photosZeena independent (Real meet & cam ) - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Sorry im writing a late review, already tried 4 to 5 time earlier but didnt got published, making an effort again because my other review got published and she truely deserves it.
    After seeing her photos i wanted to meet her beacuse i like girl who is smaller than me also just by seeing her boobs and slim body i got boner, so i immediately reached out to her and after multiple discussion we fixed a date on 9th Dec.
    Other MR's who dont do Video confirmation before booking a hotel, she not only did the video confirmation but also agreed to check in together because the hotel that i contacted allowed entry when both person are together.
    She is so good looking and well spoken, also she kept the conversations going so that felt good.
    Coming to love making she is so warm and her boobs are so huge i just kept eating that.
    She is not a time watcher ,her aim is to satisfy her client and she did that well, we tried different positons to make love, she gave nice blowjob (wont say it was best becuase she already said she wont give deep blowjob).
    Also she is good kisser at start she was hesitating dont know why but later she started responding well.
    Thats all i had to say, this was my best experience with Indian MR and one should definitely meet her is he is into slim girls and boobs lover.

    Thanks you so much babe 😘💕

  • Verified photosSugar Baby Bell (JUST LANDED) - escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    This is my 3rd attempt to publish a review for her.I met her on 25th Dec in andheri, she is so hot that i got turned on quickly.Definitely one should meet her once and then you wont be able to hold yourself back.
    She is not like other girl who will rush you to cum faster, We made love for almost 2 hours and i enjoyed every minute of it, out of all the MR i have met she is on the top list and i dont think that position will ever change, she gave me best moments of my life.
    She likes getting dominated and will fulfill all your demands except for anal.
    I will definitely meet her again.
    Lots off love from my end babe❤️❤️

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