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  • Verified photosMoon - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Took off to meet Moon for a 1 hr incall.

    My last couple of visits were baited by very well photoshopped pics, so made a number of confirmations of pic and details before I arrived.

    Moon opened the door and I was not dissappointed - very nice looking girl, slim figure, lovely smile and sexy eyes.

    Formalities out if the way, quick shower, and down to some nice foreplay. Moon kisses very soft and soon gets warmed up with some attention to her sensitive nipples ? that has her gyratimg her hims into my stiff rod. Move to DATY which gets her all fired up ? And she returns with a fantastic BJ - best one I've had for months. We get into the main event with various positions, her boobs, enhanced, but well done and a real turn on - particularly when she was riding me which had me cross the finish line a very content man.??

    A great girl and for sure will repeat - treat her well guys.

    Thank you, baby, I hopely see you again soon, I am back Dubai .

  • Verified photosJessica - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 4 / 5

    So Jessica finally makes it to the top of my list.

    I get in touch through whatsapp and I'm sent pics of a couple of different girls. Still attractive so make the journey down to the incall place in Bur Dubai.

    Arrive and yet another girl opens the door - so bait and switch operation.

    Girl is actually not bad looking so decide to go ahead. And what a great session it turned out - nice slow foreplay moving into some lovely DATY. BJ was rather short before she stops and condom time.

    She has a real nice rhythm with some subdued moans giving me the sense that she was really enjoying the sex - had me popping my load far quicker than I usually do - leaving me very satisfied.

    5 star experience - although have to deduct 1 for the obvious fake pics.

    Recommended though.

  • Verified photosShirley & Gina - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    So having been with Shirly, it was Gina's turn to get my attention.

    Arrived at their place and Gina greeted me wearing some lingerie although I had asked to wear a dress (why do they do this!!)

    Gina has long brown hair now -and not as stunning as the photos - so obviously photos are a little old.

    Shower and get down to some slow foreplay which really gets Gina heated up with some nice genuine moans.

    Lovely DATY which gets her shuddering into an orgasm. BBBJ was not bad although very short and obsessed with having tissues so she could keep spitting.

    Into the main action and Gina was on fire - such a horny girl who was really enjoying herself - was not long before I crossed the line a content man.


  • Verified photosShirley & Gina - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 4 / 5

    So I am tempted to one of these girls and plucked Shirly (long hair). Asked for her to wear a nice dress and got good vibes from a jolly voice on the phone.

    Arrive at the place in JLT - inside was greeted by Shirly wearing a skimpy lingerie instead. Not as glamorous as the photos, but still a pretty girl.

    Formalities out of the way and down to the business - some nice foreplay leading to DATY. The move to a BBBJ was stalled with more than normal wet wipe attention to my dick, which sort of lost the passion feeling. into the main event in numerous positions, eventually crossing the finish line a content man.??

    A good experience and a pretty girl who worked hard to satisfy, although sensed a touch on the mechanical side

  • Verified photosMonica amazing sexy girl - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Having bookmarked Monica for ages, finally got around to a 1Hr incall.

    Arrived at her place - regular spot - madam knows me and is all smiles and a Hi from the other girl who I had been with previously ?

    Monica greets me - same girl as photos - although not 5'7" as shown on profile - more like 5'4" - and more slimmer in person than the photos portray - overall a lot prettier in person.?

    Quick shower, music on and start some foreplay which gets her all fired up ?? move into DATY and she is now wild - great BBBJ ? which makes the main event in various positions a great session - eventually exploding a very content man ??

    A great session from a great girl

    you are so funny dear thank you for best commends and welcome again ! haha

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  • Verified photos148cm little Marry - escort in Guangzhou
    5 Dec 2015

    Are u still in Dubai?

    Noļ¼Œback to country

  • Verified photosMary - escort in Dubai
    7 Nov 2015

    Hi - are you still in Dubai ?

    yes dear

  • Jeromsilva76 - escort agency in Dubai
    21 Oct 2014

    Hi - what is the rate for 1 hr incall?

    We do only out calls

  • Deleted profile (Mia)

    3 Jan 2016

    Hey there - are u still in Dubai?


    Yes im still in can contact me in my phone number.tnx

  • Deleted profile (Mia)

    25 Dec 2015

    Hey Mia - are u still in Dubai?

    Hi steve ,, yes im still in dubai

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Having become an avid user thought I would have you my thoughts for some improvements :

A/ a search list of profiles that have been updated - listed in date order. This way we get to see those profiles that are regularly updated.
B/ verification date stamped on the profile - many occasions the girl is only in Dubai for 3 months and photo becomes out of date. You could even offer the option to the subscriber to update the verification date? As a user I am more interested in recent profiles than older ones.
C/ the last login date of the subscriber on the profile. Would stop many wasted time trying to contact profiles that have become inactive. Would also encourage subscribers to stay in touch and active.

Hope this helps

Started Different size of Ad's

When searching the escort Ad's I notice after a few pages the picture ads become smaller in size - Is that because the escort has not been active for some time ?