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  • Verified photosRadhika - Transsexual escort in Hyderabad
    Rating: 5 / 5

    So i met Radhika mam 3 weeks ago. First of all i got impressed with the reviews she had on massagerepublic and decided to give her my tight ass πŸ™ˆ. I messaged her on whatsapp and fixed my meeting with her at her place. She had sent me the location still guided me to her flat. I reached her flat and she welcomed me with a tight sexy hug. She was in saaree and she was looking drop dead gorgeous ❀️❀️ she asked me to sit with her and started talking casually to calm me down. She even asked me for water and i took a little. I asked her to turn off the lights as i love it in dim lights. She turned off the lights and played some music. She made me lay in her lap and my moving her hands over me in romantic way. I was feeing a big hard thing in her lap. I got hell excited and put my head in her saree and OMG πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ there was a huge 7 inch dick and it was hard as an iron rod. I kissed her dick and moved my tongue on her dickhead. Then i took it in my mouth and started sucking it. It was so big that i was unable to take it completely in my throat. She started slapping my ass and then asked me to remove my clothes. I got completely naked and jumped on the bed and started sucking her again. I even licked her ass and it was super clean. Not any smell was there i licked it deep. Then she hold my head and started pushing her dick deep in my throat forcefully, only her balls were left outside hammering my lips. I couldn't handle this deep throat and i puked but mam was not furious or angry she guided me her washroom and i cleaned myself up. Then again we started and mam came over me she put her lips on mine and started kissing me. Suddenly she pushed her tongue in my mouth and started fucking my mouth with her tongue. She is a great kisser i must say and she literally fucks your mouth with her tongue. Then she started kissing my body and sucking my nipples. She sucks the nipples so hard that it pains for next 3-4 days. There after she got down and lift my legs in air, wear condom, applied some lube in my ass and then pushed it inside. I was feeing pain and started moaning she put her hand on my mouth and then pushed it further. I was in pain she had realised so she stopped for a while once her dick completely went inside me. After a pause she started banging me and o my god what a top she is😍😍. She is outstanding she bangs you very hard. She is a monster πŸ‘Ή in bed. She fucked me hard in many different positions for around 20 to 25 minutes. I was dripping pre cum from the start to the whole session she was that good πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ such a hard banging I couldn't survive more and I discharged only through anal, no touching of dick. And she can even control her ejaculation. When i said i am cumming she said wait i ll also cum then she started fucking me deep and fast and she also came in my ass. I loved her big dick throbbing inside my ass and releasing her semen in me(in condom). There after we both lied with her dick in my ass and after few minutes i went to washroom to clean my self. We chatted half an hour even after the session. Radhika is neither a time watcher nor in hurry. She is the best i would visit her again and again and again.

    You are a very good doggy 🐢. I really enjoyed fucking and deepthroating your slutty mouth πŸ‘„ and tight ass.. your sucking skills is awesome, i Really enjoyed when you sucked my dick and balls. Meet you soon my BITCH. Love you 😘😘

  • Verified photosSunaina - Transsexual escort in Hyderabad
    Rating: 5 / 5

    This might look rather like a sex story, than a review, but experience was so intense that, I can not resist elaborating it.

    When I knocked her door at about 8 pm, I saw a tall (yes she looked significantly taller than my height-5.10) casually dressed, stunning and curvy goddess opening the door, she was wearing a tight butt-hugging thin-lycra-denim shorts, and tits-hugging casual half T-shirt, and high heeled boots, damn she stole my heart in that sexy attire and her pretty and killing looks. I entered in her beautiful and clean looking apartment, and she made me sit on a couch, served me red wine as I requested, stood closely in front of me with the zip of her denim shorts almost touching my lips, caressed my head with her fingers, and said "I am gonna dominate and seduce you so hard, that you won't forget it in your whole life, puppy".

    She then sat closely beside me with a beer-tin, and we started passionately touching each other, casual chatting was slowly turning into moaning and lip-kissing, I grabbed her tits, took off her top, started sucking her nipples while caressing every part of her half-clad body with my fingers, but that didn't last very long. As soon as I noticed her semi-hard bulge in her denims started getting clearly visible, I went down on my knees, and started licking her boot heels, she smiled and said "I knew you are gonna be a very good dog honey, I will surprise you more with special favors in the end, if you please me like this". She offered me her heel, then toe, then foot and then whole leg to lick more, and started rubbing another foot all over my face, I started feeling like knocking the gates of heaven, which I was going to enter soon.

    I was already carring a dog belt and chocolate-cream spray with me. She looked very pleased when she tied dog belt in my neck at this moment, and started pulling my neck slowly and softly straight up towards her 'now fat-looking' bulge. I was caressing and pressing her soft thighs with my hands, and my lips reached her bulge very swiftly, and I was smelling and kissing her big bulge, rubbing my lips on it desperately, for quite long.

    She suddenly stood up and unzipped her denim shorts, and I was looking up into her teasing eyes, her big meaty balls resting on my tongue, and her almost-hard long cock falling on my entire face, her sudden actions instantly turned me on, and I grabbed her ass with both my hands. Now she was giggling and slapping my whole face really hard with her cock almost every second, while I was indulged in licking her balls and fingering her asshole, I got hundreds of slaps, and my cheeks turned bloody red. I never knew when she grabbed my half filled wine glass, dipped her cock in it, grabbed my head with another hand, and pushed her cock in my mouth as deep as possible, took it out, again dipped her her cock in wine, again pushed it in my mouth even deeper, this went on and on for long, until wine glass was empty, my throat was enjoying the taste of wine and her cock, I bet wine tasted best on that day.

    I got undressed very fast, and naturally my watery lubed tongue started sliding all over her long hard vertical tower-like cock up-down-up, when she sat down on couch again, and started sliding her toe on my semi-hard cock constantly. After a lot of tongue-tickling on her pee-hole, first drop of pre-cum dripped on it, she moaned and smiled at me, and I licked her wet pee-hole like a starved greedy dog, her pre-cream tasted like fresh coconut water, I gulped it instantly and wanted more. Now I sprayed chocolate-cream on the tip of her hard vertical cock, spreaded it with my tongue over her cock-head and started rubbing and rolling my tongue over her cock-head, until i licked everything, she was giggling and moaning with pleasure, and I was getting more and more horny. I speayed chocolate-cream all over her cock and balls, and started sucking and licking it desparately, while she was pushing my head hard on her cock and hitting my wet throat every second, I cleaned up all cream with my tongue, while looking into her pleased eyes.

    My tongue wanted taste of her asshole desperately, and she immediately sat on my face, started smothering my face and rubbing her asshole on my tongue and lips, scents of her asshole took me into heaven and my tongue was trying go deeper and deeper, I again sprayed chocolate-cream on her asshole, fingered her asshole to push it deeper, and then my tongue was digging her sweet-tasting asshole again for quite long. After a satisfying ass-worship, she again grabbed my head, and started fucking my mouth really really hard now, so hard that my mouth went dry now, she spitted on her cock, said "here baby, take some lube from me honey", my mouth watered again, I licked her spit on her cock desperately, and she started deepthroating me again, made me choke several times, she was slapping me non-stop, calling me "my slut" "my whore" "my puppy", my whole face turned red now and I almost lost my senses, and she was never stopping, it was the most nasty SEXperience of my entire life.

    Finally she lubed my asshole with her finger, stuffed condom in my mouth and asked me to put it on her hard cock with my lips only, I did it quickly, and now she took control of my ass, fucked me in almost every position, she never took her lips away from my lips while fucking me, our tongues were rubbing and mingling with each other non-stop, we exchanged a lot of mouth-liquid, I must say she is an expert in smooth gentle-fucking, in spite of her big fat ass-tearing cock, I was simply enjoying her cock in my ass, moaning with extreme pleasure, and never felt pain at all. I felt so cum-hungry when she said in my ear "baby I am about to cum, suck me now" while fucking my ass, I went on my knees immediately, took off her condom, and she started fucking my mouth harder than she fucked my ass. I was equally desperate for her cum in my mouth, I did not even care that my throat was paining with her hard fucking, it went on for some time, at last I started jerking her cock with my hand very fast, licking her wet pee-hole and tender balls in turns, and simultaneously fingering her asshole with other hand, her moans were getting louder and louder, and suddenly she almost shouted "ohhhhhh yes baby, I am cumming, open your mouth, drink all my sweet cream", and she shot a big load of thick white nector straight into my mouth first, it tasted out of this world, then she threw her last drops on my cheeks, rubbed her cum all over my face and then pushed it in my mouth, with her fingers, and slapped me. I was licking and gulping every drop I could see and smell, and she was rubbing her 'still partially hard cock' all over my face, my lips, my tongue. I sucked her until her cock became soft, she looked very satisfied and relaxed at this moment, smiling and staring at me with tons of love in her eyes.

    We were relaxing for some time in the same position, chatting while caressing each other's bodies with fingers, and I got the complement of my life, she said "you are the best puppy I have ever met, sweetheart, I love you, I won't forget you ever". We went for the shower, my face was sticky dry I was still smelling her cum on my face, she told me in the bathroom "do you want my special favours now, are you ready ??", I nodded my head with excitement, and she again pushed me on my knees and said "don't open your mouth now", I was looking into her eyes non-stop, first some yellowish drops fell on my cheeks, and then a big shower of light-golden hot pee was falling all over my face like fresh first-rain drops, she was smiling and I was feeling like I was in seventh heaven. I was feeling so sexy and kinky, that I could not resist opening my mouth, tasted and drank almost half of her pee, while the golden shower rained over my face for more than than a minute. It was delicious and lightly salty, and I said to her "I wish, I drink it everyday like this Sunaina", and she was laughing at me. "you are such a dirty dog, I told you not to open your mouth baby" she said and spitted on my face, I told her "it was just irresistible, spit more on my face, please goddess", she said "you dirty slut, take this now !!" and started spitting all over my face, I again opened my mouth and consumed some of her fresh spit, and sucked her wet soft cock and balls again, she pissed few drops again in my mouth, and few drops fell on her foot, I lifted her foot in my hand and licked and cleaned her wet foot, pee on her foot tasted yummiest, "damn, you are the nastiest I have ever met baby, I want you more" she said, while I was cumming on the bathroom floor.

    We took a long hot shower thereafter for about 15 minutes, rubbed and cleaned each other's body parts with soap, specially she cleaned my face twice, saying "let me clean my dirty boy". We wiped each other's bodies dry, and then I massaged body cream all over her body, and scented oil deep inside her asshole with my finger. We then dressed up, and before taking her leave, I hugged her very tight, we did liplock and a long smooch, I kissed her on head, cheeks several times, and finally went down, kissed her bulge for one last time, thanked her for a wonderful experience, she kissed me on my head, and I left at 10.30 pm.

    In spite of her dominant nature, I found Sunaina very kind hearted girl, very friendly and fun loving, classy and a genuine sweetheart, and I would love to visit her again and again.

    You really suck very good..i was really enjoyed when you sucking my dick.. i was about to cum so i stopped you. I really enjoyed fucking your tight ass.. next time I will give you rigorous deepthroat and will make you cry my honey. Please meet me soon 😘😘

  • Verified photosAlina Roy - Transsexual escort in Indore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    It is my honour to review this wonderful mistress. Really what a beauty with a nice pair of big boobs and a thick and juicy surprise between her legs. Skin is as smooth as butter. The kissing style is just awesome. I really loved the liplock moment. Really a marvelous beauty with a strictness of a mistress. Wonderful voice that can arouse your senses and you will become exited the moment you see her. Really a quality time spent with her and will also wait for her arrival again. Really a very wonderful day it was with her. So polite and a very good human being. She treated me like her slave as it was my request to her to perform as mistress. Really awesome. Really really wonderful and awesome. She is rock hard entire moment and at last showered a good amount of juice in my face. It was warm and awesome smell. I loved it when it is dripping in my face. Wow awesome feeling. Thank you mistress

  • Verified photosHot Shemale Zeenat - Transsexual escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I met her in hotel in Delhi and Lucknow for almost 4-5 times she was worth what i paid...
    ⭐ I spent a few happy hours with her, no rush always trying to make me happy....
    And really genuine shemale...
    β˜…I should not have worried! In person she is not only beautiful to look at, she is also a wonderfully warm, genuine and friendly girl who makes you feel instantly relaxed....
    β˜…Slowly she start a session to take it in my mouth, but it was forced to the middle. SHe grabs my head and thrusts hard in and out. I saw them all. SHe puts me down and I lie down and he comes on top of me. I will fuck your mouth she tells me and starts..... suddenly she pushes it all the way in and lets go. It seemed to me that he opened a passage and all passed through. Very impressive at the time...

    Another time++
    β˜…Next thing she puts me in doggy, starts pounding me and doing her thing. We continued in several positions until I finally came while holding intense eye contact. I never felt so ecstatic....
    Lots of fun together we did...

    β˜…I enjoyed every single minute with her having all the sexual fun possible
    will sure visit her a million time..

    Strongly recommendation to all bottom and straight guys come and try once!

    Thank you sweet ZEENAT

    Thank you so much my doggy for this wonderful review.. it is my pleasure to be your mistress and brutally fuck you every time you come and feed my hot mouthful of my hot and thik CUM as you like to eat my CUM. Next time i promise we will do more dirty sex.. i will make you my toilet slave and give you golden showers and a very mouthful of my hot CUM.πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  • Verified photosSakshi - Transsexual escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    It is not just a review. It is more than that. What will i tell you about SAKSY she is really a sex goddess. Top to bottom she is wonderful and amazing. Her silky soft hair with a sweet fragrance, her deep seductive eyes, her juicy lips, her narrow neck, her curves are just awesome, her skin is so smooth and silky like butter, her long sexy legs, her sweet belly button and the main thing which is between her legs is power packed and full of stamina that it never becomes loose entire session. Everything is just awesome. SHE IS VERY GENUINE, AND REALLY A VERY GOOD HUMAN BEING.

    Thanku πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

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  • Verified photosMISTRESS ISHANI (threesome available) - Transsexual escort in Bangalore
    5 Jan 2024

    Kya tum Lucknow aati ho ya kabhi aayi ho. Do you come to Lucknow. I am a bottom guy want to get fucked by you and drilled by you and want to see myself getting fucked by you and eat your CUM in your next videos in your channel.

    No plan right now. If I make plan, I'll update on my twitter

  • Verified photosAlina Roy - Transsexual escort in Indore
    22 Nov 2023

    Do you come to Lucknow? Are you top? I want to get drilled by you rigorously. Please tell me.

    Yeah I am in Lucknow now

  • Verified photosSimran - Transsexual escort in New Delhi
    13 Nov 2023

    Do you come to Lucknow. I want to get drilled by your dick and drink its hot and fresh milk.

    Yes.I come

  • Verified photosHot Shemale Zeenat - Transsexual escort in New Delhi
    25 Oct 2023

    I want to be your slave for my life time. I want to eat your CUM daily. Kya tum mujhe apna CUM pilaogi ?
    I want to marry you and make you my bride. You will be my wife whole day and fuck at night.
    Will you please marry me?

    Weldone dogs..u contact my no..
    Happy new year πŸŽ‰

  • Verified photosSakshi - Transsexual escort in New Delhi
    23 Oct 2023

    Hope you remember me i came to you last Friday 20 October there was power cut. I really enjoyed the moment with you. My request for next meeting would you please give me your hot cum in my mouth next time when I come. I want a mouthful CUM.

    Sure dear πŸ‘