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  • Verified photosAlisha for Cam Shows and hot online fun - dominatrix in Mumbai
    Rating: 1 / 5

    She is a fruadster. She send me her a/c details and after payment she stopped replying my messages.
    I am eager to post the pics of money transaction and conversation as a proof to expose such scams. Is there a way???
    MR pls improve this site.

    hello dear, I am not a fraudster, if you are constantly irritating by calling and messaging again and again, a person will definitely block you na, I shared the account details with you but you have not paid a single penny yet......... and then the fake review, thank you so much for putting up such a fake review on my add

  • Deleted profile (Cute Priya (Camx & Real Meet))

    Rating: 1 / 5

    Be aware guys. She is fraud. It’s Agent Raghav Gupta behind this to whose account I was asked to do the payment and later she is giving me excuses since past two days.
    MR please improve your site so that I can post the pictures of the conversations and transactions payments as proof to expose such fraudsters.

    Actually i couldn't able to stop laughing after reading the review, neither you contacted me nor i know you. And i know why such review came and who posted it. Guys it was posted by a broker 👆, as i am currently working as an independent and no more working for him. So he is bit disappointed and continuously disturbing with such tricks.
    And if i am a fraud then why there are only positive reviews in my profile!! And if you are thinking that by such tricks you can defame then you are absolutely wrong.
    And here is my middle finger for you, 🖕🖕take it in your a*ss and fu*k off bastard.