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  • Verified photosMaria Isabella Gonzalez NEW 2days left - escort in Taipei
    Rating: 2 / 5

    Average service. She was in a rush. Also, she is Asian but not the girl in the picture.

    Wow!!! First of all my service depend on money you pay. I will not rush once you pay me well. And my father is mexican and my mother is japanese so i already explain i am mix blood asian so everybody is informed. And i am in the picture i always do video call before meet up so all my client see my real BEAUTY. I know you are the agent who try to destroy me because i refused you to be your talent. First of all i want to be solo and independent. I dont like agent thing but i want to work solo on my own. So if i refused you. Dont get angry to me. You should learn to respect my decision as a human being. I want to live on my own, happy and relax. Nobody controlling me. Its all about understanding and hope you respect and understand my decision to be a solo and independent esccort. Thank you and have a nice day ahead

  • Nikki ,Ultimate pleasure🧿(Real meet )🧿 - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 1 / 5

    It is an agent who has created a fake profile. Sent a completely different girl who looks nothing like her. Stay away at all cost.

    Hello sweetheart .. before going to meet i talked to everyone on phone and also do video call confirmation and from the time that I have created my profile on MR this guy has 2/3 fake email I'ds one of them is (shabi_1 ) has no intention to meet with me. Even I reply on his question also previously that I am not interested to meet with you because Neither it had the budget nor I was comfortable so I refused clearly. This guy has really troubled me with constant texts and mails from different emails.
    So, honey just because you cant afford someone doesn't mean u write trash.
    These are the people who have no other work ,only want to malign the profile and the name of the girls defamed. Since I blocked him this is the way he is trying to cool himself up by putting up a negative review and he failed at that too.. God bless souls like you ..

  • Verified photosRuby Independent realmeet only in Mumbai - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    This was the most magical experience. She is really good at what she does and enjoys it too. I really hope to meet her again soon. Thank you so much everything.

    You're welcome