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    Rating: 5 / 5

    This was maybe my 3rd or 4th session with Divya at her Apartment.

    She was the first one I tried in Mumbai and have been stuck with here since.
    She has her ways for setting the mood.
    I guess she's actually a "professional" one from all these profiles. (it's not like I've met many)
    When we meet she knows how to make me comfortable.
    She takes her time to do the things she's good at, it's never like she's rushing for things to conclude.
    Have requested for things I might wanna try and she has never been hesitant about certain things at least.
    Lastly how can I write a review and not mentioned her big dick. It doesn't take her time to get hard and rape my ass.
    She's also good at aftercare from what I've seen.
    She's never ever asked me to leave or anything.
    She lets me take my sweet time to savour her gift.

    Hope to enjoy her company more times as it's rare for me to come across someone who's so good in her craft.


    Aaaaaaawwwwaaa great to hear that u r happy..but I'll be more happy when u cm next time & I'll fulfil all ur wishes which all u tell through msg...u know u r special to me....😘😘
    See u