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  • Verified photosRIA@JLT must read for men&women - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I am an Italian and it is not an easy task for one to make an Italian man happy, this afternoon (11th October) was my first meeting with Charismatic Ria in Dubai, let's talk about it:
    Comms: Very easy to approach, she was willing to speak over the phone to confirm I was talking to the girl and not some random pimp on the other side trying to find a client for his girl.
    Pictures: Real and genuine, she shared with me her photos before the meeting and the girl who met me was the same as the photos.
    Dressing: I requested her to wear the purple Indian dress she is wearing in one of the photos and my request was approved.
    Location: Found it easily, with no parking or security issues, I paid the valet who parked my car safely.
    View: I suggested to her while talking that she should start charging for the view also from her apartment lol. The view is amazing.
    Drinks: She offered me Heineken beers which was really thoughtful of her, we had a couple of beers and talked about Venice, apparently she is planning to visit Venice and Amalfi coast soon so I gave her my suggestions on where to go and what to see.
    Pre-session: She is a bit of a talker, and feels really good if you get that connection going with her, we talked about a great deal of stuff before we moved to her bed.
    Session: I think the reason she doesn't take you directly to her bed is probably because of the fact that she likes to ease you into it, I was meeting her for the first time so perhaps that was the reason she took it really slow with me. Once we were in bed, it felt as if someone had hit a light-switch as she turned into a different animal altogether, I can still feel the taste of her tongue in my mouth, she kisses highly passionately.
    Blowjob: The best Indian blowjob I have experienced, again, no words to describe how good it was, I could hardly control myself.
    Sex: It isn't a pornstar experience with her if you're looking for one, she offers girlfriend experience to you, and doesn't say no to anything as long as it is within the agreed list of things you discuss before the meeting.
    Was I satisfied? Totally
    Will I recommend her? Absolutely YES if you're wanting to taste an Indian girl.

  • Verified photosDOWNTOWN NADINE ALLINCLUDE - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I am a man of few words so I am going to keep it short, simple and sweet.
    Thank you Nadine for showing me paradise, there can never be anyone like you.

    Thanks my dear