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    I made a short business trip to Dubai and could not leave without meeting Missy again. She was as hot and sexy as the first time I met her. She was fond of my long cock and asked me if she could take a video which of course I agreed. She recorded a few clips of my cock as we were doing 69. She had turned me on so much to the extreme that when she said she wanted to fuck me I could not say no! Even though, I had never been penetrated before and was really scared, but I agreed. I was really crazy for her and her gorgeous cock. She was gentle and penetrated me slowly and smoothly. But then she was really banging me once she was fully inside of me. This was my first time to be fucked and I owe it all to Missy. Then right before coming she pulled her cock out and came on my face and in my mouth. It was such a fabulous experience!
    Then I asked her to fulfill another fantasy I had and that was showering on me. She agreed to it. I was sitting in the bath tub and started peeing on me and giving me a golden shower.
    After that we spent some time talking and exchanging ideas about future plans, marriage, travel, work, etc.
    I look forward to my next visit to Dubai so I could mix bodies in bed with this wonder of Mother Nature.

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    I met this sexy ladyboy in Dubai during my visit there. She is as nice looking as her photos. Her body is really firm and she has an excellent curves and figure, with truly nice and smooth skin. What makes her even sexier and more appealing is her shyness. She is very shy and soft spoken. We enjoyed a great 69 together. Her cock has a nice curve to it, and gets hard as a rock. She came on my face. And she asked me to penetrate her gorgeous butt hole slowly because my cock was too big for her. Of course, I could not resist rimming her beautiful and sexy butt hole before I penetrated her. I hope she will be in Dubai during my next visit. I am already dreaming about what we are going to do next time!

  • Verified photoslet me fill your mouth with my cum - Transsexual escort in Dubai
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    I met this lovely girl a couple of weeks ago during my visit to Dubai, and OMG I can’t get her out of mind for a minute. She is all what a man wants in his partner: beauty, pleasant personality, super gorgeous body and really passionate in bed, not to mention her gorgeous hard cock! We were so passionately making love to each other that even the talk of us getting married together was seriously discussed. And to be honest with you I’m willing to go for it and propose to her during my next visit to Dubai! She is a totally new world for me, nothing like what I had experienced before.

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    I made a trip from Hamburg to Berlin to meet this beautiful lady and it was more than worth it. She has a pleasant personality and a gorgeous and sexy body. She definitely knows how to suck a cock. Her cock is so beautiful I could not stop sucking it, either.
    She was really hot in bed and begged me to fuck her, specially after I gave her a nice and deep rim job.
    I hope to repeat those fabulous moments!

    Hope to see you again next time. 😘

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    I had been with young beauty once and still have the taste of her in my mouth! She is very sweet, and pleasant. You will not regret being in the same bed with Tiara! She has a very soft and clean body! A nice cock to suck and a beautiful butt hole to rim! Miss you Babe!

    Thank you very much dear godbless you, stay safe ❤️