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  • Verified photosThe Pro Dominatrix OLIVIA PEREZ LUX - Transsexual escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    This was my first time. Have used several tubes to satisfy my sexual interest for shemales, and now it was time to try one for real. Well then the most beautiful and most porn like model was around and I decided that the time was right and I called and made a date.

    When I walked in I was shit nervous and was shaking all over. She was dressed in a tight little fishnet dress with nothing under but her cock. I started with the payment and then things became interesting.

    We started out with a little 69, aund it was nice. She was quite dominant and asked me if I am interested in BDSM and I was just playing along. After that lovely, but dominant warm-up I asked if I could fuck her from behind and she just gave way for my cock to penetrate her little asshole with that impressive ass all around. Her ass was just pretty. After I had fucked her for 5-10 minutes I asked if she could do me. And so she did, first slow while I was on my back with both legs in the air and slowly increased the tempo. She turned me around and started hard BDSM from the back which I had to take because it was just to good how she did it. After an intense and exhausting session I had my first time experience with a shemale.

    She cleaned up after us and I used the bathroom and washed my self quick. Gave her a kiss on the cheek and left. I will for sure visit her again, since she is prettier than the pictures, her body is outstanding and she just has fucking beautiful eyes...her service is above any expectations and she gives you what she promises!! Visit her and you will never be disappointed!!