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  • Verified photosGarima is back (REAL, BDSM,CAM) - escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    First of all, I apologise for a late review since I was busy. I had requested for a cash meet from Mistress Garima and anxiously awaited my first encounter with her. We had arranged to meet at a Mall and as I entered, my heart raced with anticipation.
    As Mistress Garima walked in, her presence commanded attention. Dressed in Indian ethnic clothes as requested she exuded confidence and authority. Our eyes met, and a spark of electricity passed between us.Seated at a table, we engaged in conversation that flowed effortlessly. The chemistry between us was undeniable, and with each word, I found myself drawn deeper into her world. She effortlessly explored my desires and fears, carefully unraveling the layers of my submissive nature.
    Feeling a connection, we decided to continue our evening with a movie. Side by side in the dimly lit theater, Mistress Garima's proximity sent shivers down my spine. Her whispered instructions, teasing and taunting, fueled my excitement and intensified my longing to please her. I was slapped, hair pulled and humiliated and thats what i craved for. I was asked to get snacks and drinks for her while she waited at the seats. Made me feel like a perfect slaveAfter the movie, we made our way to an exquisite restaurant for dinner. The ambiance was perfect, setting the stage for a night of exploration. Over a sumptuous meal, Mistress Garima skillfully guided our conversation, delving into the depths of my desires, pushing my boundaries with her words and intoxicating dominance.The evening left me captivated and hungry for more. I had caught a glimpse of the profound connection and exhilarating experiences that awaited me under Mistress Garima's expert guidance. As we parted ways, I couldn't help but yearn for the next chapter in our journey, eager to surrender completely to her will and discover the true depths of submission that lay within me. Can't wait to serve you for real.

    Definitely u will get punishment in real meet for late review for your mistress 🦶🏻

  • Verified photosGarima is back (REAL, BDSM,CAM) - escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I dont know why MR not posted my review pls post it as i am trying for the 3rd time.
    Requested Garima for a BDSM Chat. She was happy to accommodate.She starts real slow and blends in like coffee with cream. With a pleasant aftertaste. Real fun begins when she starts to take control mentally. This is manifested slowly but surely. You feel the temptation to let go and surrender . 60 minutes was too short of a time to worship her. I wanted more. I begged for a cashmeet, i will be honoured by her presence soon and when I do, you will know who was the best slave ever. Hope to see you soon, DADDY

    Thanks and i want cashmeet review also Slave .🦶

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  • Verified photosDanya - escort in Bangalore
    14 Oct 2022

    Hi Danya

    I had spoken to you earlier and asked for bdsm. It's okay if you do not provide the service . Just wanted to know if we could do something else.Thank you

    Can you pls Ping me on my Whatsapp