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  • Verified photosVarnie(Real Meets & Cam Service) - escort in Chennai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    SHE IS SUCH A NICE PERSON. She was so nice that I made an account for the sole purpose of giving her rating and review because I really loved how she treated me! Seeing the other reviews I already expected it would be a good session. I have heard people tell about how usually escort try to rush off and finish the session and stuff but this women wasn't like that, she was so gentle and patient. I was nervous so it took a bit more time and she still handled it so nicely, she didn't show any frustration, she was so sincere in satisfying me whether it would take longer. She was also very very friendly and she made me feel safe and comfortable within 2 minutes of meeting her. And she was very patient enough to ask me about my silly kinks and she also did it pretty well even if she never did it before. And she is tall so she was so hot too. I felt so touched when
    she also offered to give me a sweater because it is winter here in Bangalore, I mean which other escort would ever do that? Such an amazing women. Love you lots.

    Ooooooooh thanks boy be good to others so they will be good you..had to present my self good because you were nervous. 😃😃Thanks for the vist BTW i appreciate