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Hello beautiful! Yes, you are beautiful & powerful; don't ever let anyone else tell you otherwise!

I'm a Ahmedabad-based startup owner who loves travelling & meeting new ppl & experiencing different cultures & hooking up with women from different ethnicities & just vibing in general.

If you are kind, honest & a bit mental; then we'll definitely vibe and get along well with each other!

TG - scarlet_phoenixx

P.S. - I love going down on women and hearing them moan & shyly squirm in bed. Nothing turns me on more than this.

I like:

Anal Sex, Deep throat, Face sitting, Fingering, French kissing, GFE, Lap dancing, Oral sex - blowjob, Reverse oral, Giving rimming and Striptease

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  • Verified photosReina Maria Newest Girl In All Of India - escort in Hyderabad
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Elegant. Graceful. Charming. Intellectual. Witty. Just outright beautiful asf!

    Reina is literally one of the highly intellectual experienced lady I've ever met + she's insanely graceful with how she carries herself. She really is an English teacher & can speak 3 different languages & she's just really really fun to share a bottle of wine with & talk about life in general. Literally felt like I'm chilling with a long-lost-old buddy of mine. History + Politics + Philosophy + Human Behavior. The conversation flowed like wine. Still can't believe how v lost track of time & the night just sped past us. A proper intellectual lady with a graceful aura. That's my turn-on switch right there.

    Tbh, I didn't wanna write this review & share her with the uneducated, uncultured & uncivilized crazy f*ckers out there who have no respect or value for human beauty. But I did write this review bcos she's 100% deserves it & she's new to his field & I knw for a fact that she's smart enuf to stay away n beware from the non-nonsensical idiots out there in the world.

    Take care beautiful! & yes, vr meeting again this coming Saturday for another charming night!

    …. aw, reading this made me blush, I genuinely appreciate your kind words, and I am very happy that you enjoyed my company. For the duration of the night I felt like a normal person, a thinking, living individual worthy of respect, admiration and decency. It like having a very special date with a very special person, everything felt natural, sincere and genuine. And the best take away of this lovely night with you as a first timer here, is that I have learned so much about this incredible country, things that foreigners would never know by just looking from the outside in. Truly you made me realize the beauty of India and its incredible people. And I immensely appreciate that. Thank you very much for planning to see me again this Saturday! I am so looking forward to another night of great conversation over another bottle of wine, and a wonderful night of great affection. Again, Muchas Gracias!!! Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!!! Thank You Very Much!!! Aapaka Bahut - Bahut Dhanyavaad!!!

  • Verified photosBhavya for real meet and cam - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    MR, pls publish the effing review for god's sake! How can ur algorythm be so bad?!!

    Bhavya is a beautiful, funny as hell, kind & wild lady. I had a amazing time with her & meeting her again pretty soon. Treat her with love & respect & she'll treat u like a king.

    Thanku soo much baby♥️💋Meet u soon again♥️

  • Verified photosNEW IN DELHI 5STAR HOTEL! Bella hot babe - escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Bella, you're a queen!
    U've got a very likeable & seductive personality & u've got a gr8 sense of humour as well which is such a turn-on!
    I had a amazing time with you. Thank you & cu soon, my beautiful queen!

    Hi babe thank you so much for your kind words it will always be my pleasure to give you pleasure. see you again babe 😘

  • Verified photosAlexa mari just landed 🥰 - escort in Ahmedabad
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Had a amazing time with Alexa & her friend Bianca yesterday night!
    Both r super fun, kind & amazing ppl to talk & chill with. V had some wine, got comfy, some good conversations & then v slowly moved to the bed.
    Alexa & Bianca were very gentle, very loving & very seductive in bed. They themselves get involved in the act (it's not a mechanical exp.) which is such a turn on & what someone wants from a gfe experience tbh. Absolutely loved my time with both of them.

    Thanks for the time you spent & for the sweet card. 🥰 Yours so sweet 😍. Hope to see you soon again darling.. 🥂cheers

  • Verified photosHerleen Kaur for cam n Real meet - escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    God knows how many tries until MR publishes a genuine users review. Deeply frustrating algorithm.

    Anyway, Herleen is an incredibly seductive lady. Met her yesterday & she’s so easy to become friends with. She’s oozes sexuality in bed & if u treat her like a queen, she’ll show u what making love truly means. Absolutely loved meeting her.

    Thank you Herleen for ur time & for fulfilling my #1 fantasy. See u soon b4 I leave Delhi.

    Hey!! Thanks for giving this lovely review and thanks a lot for meeting me again, it was such a pleasurable meeting

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