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Hey, M lonely. Let's fuckup that v remember 4 long.🤓🤓

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  • Priyanka malhotra web cam and real - escort in Mumbai
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    Hi Guys, only came review...not met in real yet.
    Priyanka is real hot girl. She got some original moves that turn u ON instantly on cam session. Super fresh girl. Her moaning and seduction on cam is out if this world.
    Wish to meet in real soon.
    Thanks for honest and long service

    Thanks dear will meet soon

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    Hi, Usually people take CAM and then real meet. I did opposite. After real meet, I took multiple CAM sessions of 10 minutes each from Chitra. She is polite but hot. Nothing can go wrong if u book with her.. very good service.

    Thank you

  • Jiya Patel (Web Session & Real meet) - escort in Mumbai
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    Met her at Lella. Everything is good about her expcet that the contact number is handled by her male friend. So, a friend or agent operates this profile. Not independent. But okay.
    They also have other girls who are so good.
    You can try.

    Hello dear , at first i wanna tell you that when you posted review on my profile your name was showing as vamik_singh and later now showing vivek_singh here. I don't remember that you met me or not and most importantly i would like to say that my profile is operated by me only no third one involved here.

  • Verified photos(INDEPENDENT KOMAL CAM AND REAL FOR YOU) - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 4 / 5

    Met her 2 weeks ago. The service was good but girl was different.
    These are bunch of girls operating as group. There is no guarantee that same girl in profile you will meet. Unreliable and dishonest. If you want to meet, request for video call confirmation.

    All ready I told you that day I was busy and said that I mean not free that day then you say that send anybody then I send my friend.

  • Verified photosReal meet, cam and sex chat available - escort in Bangalore
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    Hi, taken cam service last week. It was good. All promised, done. I like it. Now I want to meet in real. Thank you.

    Thanks dear for your valuable words.
    I'm waiting for you to see you.

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